6 Haircare Tips To Keep In Mind If You’re Playing Holi

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Mar 26, 2021
6 Haircare Tips To Keep In Mind If You’re Playing Holi


Holi is all about fun, colour, and happiness. Lots of thandai with bhang, loads of dancing, a whole lot of shots, and tons of gulaal. Well, while you’re having an incredible time enjoying yourself with your friends, don’t forget that your skin and hair aren’t celebrating as much. Colours have toxic and harmful ingredients mixed in them and your skin and hair can be severely affected. 

Don’t worry though cause we’re here to give you some hair care tips that’ll keep your locks safe during the festival of colours.

Haircare Tips To Keep In Mind If You’re Playing Holi

Oil Treatments Are Essential

We all know that oil is our best friend during Holi and it saves us a lot of trouble later. Massage your scalp with coconut oil a night prior to your party so that it sets in well and sticks to your strands and scalp. This will create a protective layer so that your hair is more or less safe during the festivities.


Hair Accessories Look Hella Cute

If you want to protect your hair & make a fashion statement at the same time, hair accessories are the way to go. Use a cap or a bandana to cover up your hair or you can even use a scarf to tie around your hair. This will protect your scalp from getting itchy or irritated.

Tie It All Up

Whatever you do, don’t leave your hair down because it will absorb more colour then. Instead, tie it up in a bun, braid, ponytail, or a fishtail braid. Ideally, braids are the best way to go because they don’t let all the strands get damaged and exposed to gulaal

Use A Nourishing Shampoo

Holi colour can make your hair feel extremely dry and lifeless. So once you’re done playing Holi, wash your hair with water first and then use a hydrating shampoo to clean out the hair. This will help nourish the scalp and help restore the pH levels of it.

Use Vinegar For The Itchiness

Yes, your scalp can feel itchy and inflamed after the celebrations so to soothe and calm that add two tablespoons of vinegar to a mug of water and wash your hair with that. This will really help to clarify the scalp and the strands and calm the irritation down a bit.

Use An Overnight Hair Treatment

If your hair still feels dry after washing it off, use an overnight hair mask and then rinse it again the next day. For the next few weeks keep oiling it and applying hair masks to restore the shine and luster of your strands and you’ll see that it’s made a whole lot of difference.

Happy Holi guys! Remember to stay safe, healthy, and happy. And also remember that the pandemic isn’t over so take all the precautions necessary. 

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