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Haircare 101: Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Give Yourself A Scalp Facial

ICYMI, makeup is the new skincare and scalp care is the new haircare. Confused? We’ll break it down for you. In 2020, most of us gravitated towards skincare more than makeup. With lesser places to go to, embracing skincare and letting our bare skin take a minute to breathe became a priority. Similarly, with more time on our hands, doubling down on haircare and getting to the root of our mane-related issues become a prime concern and that pattern is still continuing. 

Did you know, giving your scalp some TLC every week is actually the secret to flake-free, healthy hair? Like your facial skin, the scalp has innumerable pores that get clogged with dead skin, sebum, and product buildup, leading to inflammation and breakouts. Think of your scalp as an extension of your face. It requires some cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturisation too! Unless you have some serious scalp conditions (like psoriasis), you should definitely try incorporating bi-weekly or weekly scalp facials into your beauty regime.

For healthy hair, it is essential to keep in mind that your follicles are kept clean, clear, and well-maintained. 


Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Scalp Facials…

Step 1: Pre-Shampoo Treatment

To narrow down on a particular scalp treatment, it is important to list down your haircare needs. Is your scalp itchy all the time? Is it flaking? Or does it just oily? 

To soothe itchiness and flaking: Look for products that are aimed towards fighting dandruff and contain ingredients like pyrithione zinc. 

To combat oiliness: Look for clay and glycerin-infused hair masks.

Step 2: Massage Time!

Once you’re done deciding which pre-shampoo treatment to go for, make sure you take 5 minutes to really massage the product into your hair. Start by massaging the name of your neck using your palm and fingertips (not nails) and continue kneading the sides of your ears and top of your head. 

How this helps…Doing this helps soften dead skin cells and debris and boosts blood circulation to the scalp.

Step 3: Cleanse

To zap product buildup and dirt without stripping your scalp dry, go for a sulfate-free shampoo. Spend at least two minutes lathering it on your scalp and then wash off using lukewarm water. 

Step 4: Nourish And Hydrate

Just like your face, your mane also needs some serious moisturisation. Post-shampoo, make sure you apply a hydrating mask that contains nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, glycerine, keratin or wheat extracts. Rinse off using cold water and you’re done!

Have you ever tried giving yourself a scalp facial? We’re sure you want to now.

Featured image: Unsplash

31 Mar 2021

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