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Hair Tonics That You Need to Check Out Right Away

Hair Tonics That You Need to Check Out Right Away

When it comes to taking care of our skin, we leave no stone unturned. From following a ten-step skincare routine to whipping out a facial mask using kitchen ingredients; we treat our skin like royalty. But what about taking care of our hair? We all love to crack bad hair day jokes, right? Sometimes I feel like our hair can sense that it needs to be on its best behaviour so it sabotages our plans to look good, intentionally. 

All jokes aside, our hair needs more than a regular champi session and that monthly hair spa. Just like our face, there are a plethora of hair care options available such as hair masks, serums and tonics! And if your hair is falling faster than me jumping to conclusions, you need to add these hair tonics to your hair care routine, STAT!

What Is A Hair Tonic Though? 

Think of a hair tonic as a lotion or a serum, but for your hair. Hair tonics, also known as friction lotions, help stimulate blood circulation on your scalp and boost the growth of new hair follicles. They are filled with ingredients that help balance your scalp’s pH, reduce hair fall and thereby strengthen the residual hair. They also aid in healthy hair growth and make the perfect addition to your hair care routine. Apart from this, they can also help moisturize the scalp, reduce the itchiness due to a dry scalp, help treat brittle hair; basically a magical option to solve all your hair woes. And the best part? They are filled with concentrated ingredients that instantly absorb into your scalp, without leaving any sticky residue or chip chip

Hair Tonics To Stop Thinning Of Hair 

Hair tonics can be used all around the year, in fact, we recommend using them at least once a week. Now that you know why you need to add a hair serum to your hair care routine, here are some of our top picks:

Which one of these will you be adding to your haircare routine?

Let’s leave bad hair days behind, shall we!

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26 Jul 2020

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