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5 Super Fancy Hairstyles That You Can Create With Just Your Hair Straightener

5 Super Fancy Hairstyles That You Can Create With Just Your Hair Straightener



The role of hair straightener is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a product that will straighten your hair and make it look neat and tamed. However, what if we told you that you can also use it to create new hairstyles? Beach waves, ringlets, romantic locks, you name it, your straightener can get the job done for you! Doesn’t that sound awesome? So, enough of chit-chat, let’s check these hair-straightening hacks out right away.

5 Hair Straightener Hacks That Will Make Your Hair Look 0h-So-Fancy


You will never look at your hair straightener the same way ever again! 

For A Natural Blow-Dried Look



From the four hairstyles in this video, we’re going to pay attention to the first one. It’s a great hairstyle to wear to interviews and presentations. All that’s to be done is take a tiny section of your hair and straighten it. Flick the straightener inwards at the end. Did you know that inward curls give the illusion of a sleeker face?

Classic Curls



Nothing fancy, this travel-sized hair straightener will help you get the round, defined curls. Begin by dividing your hair into two halves, comb it to detangle it and get rid of the knots. Place a small section of hair in between the thongs. Flip and roll the straightener upside down and make sure that your ends are facing down. Slowly and gently, pull the straightener down and voila! You’ve got yourself the perfect curl.

Beach Waves



Who doesn’t love beach waves, correct? Beach waves aren’t tight curls, they are loose waves, and look stunning when teamed with a summer outfit. Remember to always use a heat protectant spray or gel before using a hair straightener to prevent hair damage. Just how we saw how to curl our hair in the video above, the technique is the same here- just a shorter waiting period.

For A Natural Blow-Dried Look

If you have short straight hair, you can use your hair straightener to create this messy lob hairstyle. Lobs are a mood by itself, and a messy hairstyle like this one is bound to fetch you plenty of compliments on the ‘Gram. It’s the kind of hairstyle to wear to a punk rock concert!

Wavy Pixie

If you’re bored of your straight pixie hairstyle, switch things up by giving this hairstyle a shot. What do you need, you ask? A hair straightener (duh), hair gel and hairspray! Since your hair is short, you may not get super defined curls, but what will get is cutesy wavy hair. 

Tight Spiral Curls

Before TikTok was banned in India, it exposed us to some pretty neat beauty hacks. This one involves using a pencil and a hair straightener. It’s the perfect hairstyle to sport if you have an ironing curler at home. You HAVE to try it to believe it. 

Which of these hair straightener hacks are you going to try first? They’re all incredible, right?

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31 Dec 2020

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