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10 Hair Removal Dos & Don’ts You Need To Follow!

10 Hair Removal Dos & Don’ts You Need To Follow!

Painless and smooth hair removal is always a topic of concern for us women. There are so many methods out there today, from waxing to laser to shaving. And ladies, none of these will show satisfactory results unless you keep some hair removal dos and don’ts in mind. We’ve got some of them which you’ll want to live by in order to have smooth, fuzz-free skin!

1. Don’T Over Moisturize If You’re Waxing

Moisturizing it so important, and we’re always being told to slather on lotion and hydrate our skin, but this is the one time we suggest skipping on the body cream. Waxing works best on dry skin, and so avoid any super hydrating lotions 24 hours before your parlour appointment.

2. Do Let Your Hair Grow Out If You’re Waxing

2 hair removal dos and donts - let your hair grow

Most women know this one – hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long in order to be waxed properly. If you’re used to shaving, resist the urge to shave a few days before your waxing appointment as the parlour lady won’t be able to do a thorough job if the hair isn’t long enough.

3. Don’T Worry About The Direction In Which You Shave

Razors today are so advanced that you can shave in any direction that works for you. However, we suggest shaving your armpits in one direction though as hair there tends to grow back in different angles, making it difficult the next time you want to use wax in the area.


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4. Don’T Soak For Too Long In The Bathtub Before Razing

4 hair removal dos and donts - dont soak for too long

Don’t shave when your skin is over-soaked and about to get wrinkly, as that can lead to cuts and an uneven shave. Use a shaving foam to get the smooth finish that you desire.

5. Do Change Your Blades Often

One blade in a ladies razor can be used a few times before disposing it off. However, if you haven’t stored your razor in a dry area it could be susceptible to bacteria and rusting, which isn’t good for your skin. We suggest changing the blades after every 2-3 uses.


6. Do Use Baby Oil Or Gel Lotions After Waxing Or Threading

6 hair removal dos and donts - use baby oil after waxing

Whether you thread, shave or wax, you must pamper your skin after. We suggest gentle baby oil after waxing or shaving as these make the skin feel nourished and supple. Gels lotions or cold creams are perfect for massaging onto your upper lip and eyebrows after getting threaded.

7. Do Use Aloe Vera Gel After Laser Hair Removal

Two or three weeks after your first laser treatment you might have some scarring or redness. Make it a point to not scratch there or use chemical heavy products on the area. Soothing and natural aloe vera gel is a great healing alternative to any moisturiser.

8. Don’T Pluck, Wax Or Bleach If You’Re Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

8 hair removal dos and donts - laser hair removal


When doing laser, most experts will give you a list of what to do to prepare for a session. The main one is to avoid shaving, plucking, waxing and even bleaching the area you intend to put under the laser beam. The root and hair follicle has to be as natural and intact as possible for the treatment to be successful.

9. Do A Patch Test Before Using Hair Removal Creams

If you’ve never tried hair removal creams before, test a little bit on your leg to see if your skin has any adverse reactions. Even the most gentle of hair removal creams have a ton of chemicals in them, so be sure you test before trying it out on sensitive skin or areas.

10. Do Take A Painkiller

10 hair removal dos and donts - take painkillers

There is no shame in popping a mild painkiller half an hour before your waxing treatment. While we never suggest taking pills, if you really can’t handle the pain then it’s okay to take a mild painkiller. Do consult your doctor regarding which one will suit you best.


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04 Jul 2017

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