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Lockdown Beauty: 9 Ways You Can Groom Your Body Hair At Home

Lockdown Beauty: 9 Ways You Can Groom Your Body Hair At Home

Body hair removal is a tricky topic to begin with. Add a nationwide lockdown and subtract your monthly visits to the parlour didi, and you’ve got yourself what we like to call nobody’s favourite place to be in. With only limited salon slots available right now, we might be looking at another lockdown in the works. But guess what? We’ve got life-saving advice for you! We’re bringing you an at-home guide to remove body hair. From your eyebrows to your legs, here are 9 ways you can remove your body hair at home with ease:

Here’s How You Can Remove Body Hair At Home

1. Threader

If you’re missing your parlour aunty a little too much, this threader will help you re-live the pain of threading facial hair. You won’t have to expert the hand-teeth-thread coordination for this one, though. Its simple pulley system makes facial hair threading a matter of seconds.

2. Tweezers

If you have any astray hair around your eyebrows, a tweezer is your best friend. It can help you single out that hair strand with precision, and pluck it out with ease.

How To Remove Unwanted Body Hair Permanently At Home Naturally


3. Epilators

Epilators to body hair are what pluckers are to the eyebrow or facial hair. This device mechanically plucks unwanted hair from the root with precision and speed as glided across the direction of growth. Epilation can be performed on wet or dry skin and doesn’t require much preparation either.

4. Wax Strips

Waxing made DIY friendly. These at-home waxing strips come with wax already on the strips. You only have to warm the strips between your palms for a few seconds before applying them to your skin. Wait for a few more and pull! While we cannot assure you that this waxing would hurt any less, we can promise you that it’s less messy!

How To Use Ladies Trimmer

5. Facial Hair Trimmer

Everybody’s new favourite, facial hair trimmers are having their moment in the beauty industry ATM. Its easy use appeals to the crowd and its handy design makes it even more user-friendly. Facial trimmers usually come in a compact, pen-like design that you can conveniently roll over your face to trim unwanted hair with precision and safety.


6. Bikini Trimmer

Like waxing, trimming or shaving your sensitive areas like bikini and underarms also require special care. Specific trimmers for bikini areas can help provide a gentle and safe trim.

7. Shaving Razor

Something we all have tried at least once in our lives – the trusty old shaving razor. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to remove unwanted body hair, shaving is the way to go. However, it is advised not to be used for facial hair.

8. Facial Razors

Now if you’re looking for a similar easy way out of facial hair removal too, facial razors are your best friend. Their extra gentle quality and safe to use design makes them a people favourite.

9. At-Home Laser

The most expensive hair removal solution out of the lot, this Light Technology hair removal device is like bringing a mini laser hair removal appointment home. These devices usually come with a number of settings and light modes to provide very long-lasting results.


After any hair removal job (facial, or body), make sure to cleanse your skin and keep it protected with an extra dose of moisturization and care:

Which hair removal method is your go-to?

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18 Jan 2022

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