Keep It Luxe: Hair Perfumes That’ll Make Your Tresses Feel Expensive!

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jul 9, 2020
Keep It Luxe: Hair Perfumes That’ll Make Your Tresses Feel Expensive!


We all deserve a little pampering and a whole lot of care especially at a time when we’re all locked inside our houses and venturing out seems dangerous and unnecessary. Since everyone’s hair salon appointments are postponed indefinitely, taking matters into our own hands seems like the only option. Remember how amazing your hair smelt every time you walked out of the parlour after a blow dry (it feels like ages ago, I know)? So, to recreate that smell we thought we’d introduce you to the one product that’ll change your hair routine: hair perfumes. 

Walking past someone smelling amazing in the mall or having bae compliment how great your hair smells leaves a long-lasting impact. Good smelling hair is undeniably appealing and a simple hair flip can cause you to feel so great about your day. So, hair perfume sprays are here to save the day. 

What Are Hair Perfumes?

Hair perfume for women


While you may have never thought about needing this product until now, hair perfume sprays are life-changers. They are basically a form of mists and oils but with a changed formulation for hair. They are a great way of smelling like a million bucks but on a budget. Not to mention, a great way of keeping your unwashed hair smelling fabulous. Which is great if you’re juggling work with a hundred other daily chores and are in short supply of ‘me’ time. 

Now, while reading this, we’re sure you’re thinking why you can’t just use regular perfume in your hair. Well, you could but traditional fragrance formulas are mostly loaded with alcohol and that’s terrible for your hair. Dry hair, split ends, rough hair- this just enhances all that. Hair perfume, on the other hand, doesn’t damage strands because its formula is completely different. It’s lightweight and conditions hair too. It actually covers the hair in an invisible veil and leaves it shiny and hydrated. 

Best Hair Perfumes To Add To Cart

We’ve curated a list of the best hair perfume for women in India and you’ve got to check it out. 

With this citrus and woody smell, you can intoxicate just about anybody. It’s a long-lasting perfume and makes you feel like you’re running down a fruity part of a meadow. Now, while we’re locked inside isn’t it just lovely to feel like you’re out and about?

Another one which smells citrusy and zesty, it is rooted in herbs and natural-smells instead of being artificial. Since this is also primarily a haircare brand, you know they actually care about your tresses and ace formulation better than anyone else. Be rest assured that this product actually lives up to its claims of adding lustre to your hair.

This has been formulated by Sachajuan’s signature scent and is great for those of you who love sweet, fresh and floral fragrances. Peach, apple and rose are the notes used in this classic hair perfume and it doesn’t skip on the performance either. It supplies the hair with a whole lot of hydration, protection from UV rays and even protection from static. 

This hair perfume is extremely popular for its citrus and rose scent. It gives this feeling of being in a spa and has the power of instantly uplifting your mood. It has a hint of spicy green patchouli that gives it its slightly earthy smell. It does miss out on the muskiness of its EDT and EDP counterparts but it still remains one of the best hair perfumes available in India.

This perfume allows you to have the classic J’adore smell on a budget. This finishing touch in your hair care routine will add fragrance to your gorgeous mane and also leave it feeling shiny and fresh. It’s the perfect combination of fruity and floral scents for those of you who can’t choose between the two. Celebrate femininity with the Damascus rose and jasmine notes. A big 10/10 as a hair perfume for women in India, trust us bae will melt the next time he hugs you and sniffs your hair. 

This fragrance is all about the infusion of chypre and amber and that makes this perfume one of a kind. It has a strong musky smell with rose and patchouli undertones. It also is deeply rooted in wooden fragrances and has undertones of spice. 

This is one of the best hair perfumes available in India and is all about those fruity tones. It has plum, passion fruit and a hit of spice with pepper too. It also has a long wear-time so you can actually pull it off for a day to night look as well.

This has a mellow and mild scent and is the perfect hair perfume for women with lightweight hair. It has been formulated with argan oil, Vitamin B and has been enriched with nourishing and softening properties to not only give your hair a lovely smell but also a healthy shine. Wear it just as is or you can pair it with your fave Jo Malone body perfume.

This hair mist was created especially for hair that is thin and light to add texture to it. It’s delicate and light and doesn’t weigh hair down like some serums and oils tend to. It has an aquatic and beachy fragrance so that you feel like you’re on a perineal vacay!

This Bath And Body Works hair perfume spray is great for parties because it screams festivities. It’s a blend of prosecco, crystal peonies and amber. The best part? It also has a slight shimmer so glitter the night away. Plus, it’s affordable!


We’re sure you must be having some pertinent questions on hair perfumes and we sit to answer them.

Is it okay to put perfume on your hair?

This is probably the worst thing to do to your hair even if it feels like the easiest way to go. As we mentioned earlier, perfume tends to dry out your hair and steal the shine away from it. Hence, hair perfumes are the best solution. You can also use hair mists and oils so that your hair is nourished and smells great.

Who should wear hair perfume?

While anyone can wear hair perfume, it’s more suggested for people who don’t shampoo their hair every day and do it a couple of times a week. Hair perfume is a great way of keeping second and third-day hair shiny and smelling nice. People who otherwise have an oily scalp and dry ends can really benefit from hair perfumes because apart from the smell, hair perfumes also keep the shine intact.

What’s the difference between regular perfume and hair perfume?

The difference between regular perfume and hair perfume is the amount of alcohol content in the two products. We all know that perfumes contain a lot of alcohol and that’s why they tend to disappear if the bottle is left open. Hair perfumes don’t have that because they specifically target the hair. While each hair perfume differs, they usually have a mix of oils and serums that work really well from protecting hair against sun damage and pollution.

What’s the difference between dry shampoo and hair perfumes?

From the sound of it, hair perfumes sound like dry shampoo. However, the key difference is how they react to different kinds of hair. Dry shampoo is mostly used for oily hair to soak up excess oil from the scalp and hair while hair perfumes are often made with oil and add shine to the tresses. Dry shampoo works best for people with oily ends while hair perfumes and hair mists are more like texturising spray for dry hair.

So what are you waiting for? Get, set, spray and feel like you totally own the world. 

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