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6 Hair Oils That Will Make Your Locks Glossy & Super Soft

6 Hair Oils That Will Make Your Locks Glossy & Super Soft

It’s no secret that everyone wishes their mane would be lustrous, silky, and soft. It just feels like it was meant to be, but the daily wear and tear of combing, brushing, styling, travelling, and colour treatments can cause the hair to look the opposite of lustrous. We can’t entirely pin it on hair styling and having a life either, because we all ought to live a little and our mane should be on our side when we take on the world. So, if you’re worried your locks can’t keep up with your lifestyle, we got an at-home haircare solution for you. These amazing hair oils have the most nourishing natural blends that will bring your hair game full circle. From strengthening strands and adding volume to reducing hair fall and bringing on immense shine, these hair oils will transform your locks and give you everything you need to banish bad hair days for good.

6 Hair Oils For Healthy & Super Glossy Locks

The Midas Touch

Hairstylists swear by argan oil and so will you after you try this out. This golden coloured hair oil will nourish your scalp and hair and impart a shine just like a salon treatment. Aside from it’s star ingredient Moroccan argan oil, this blend also contains almond, jojoba, coconut, castor, and tea tree oil making it an all rounder in the haircare space. It will also help reduce hair fall and keep your scalp free of dandruff.

Hair Growth Miracle

If you didn’t know that castor oil is one of the best remedies out there for hair loss and thinning hair, now you do. Castor oil is rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins that will help strengthen your strands from the roots. You will see reduced hair fall in the shower from the very first use and it only continues to impress with regular use. This oil can even help prevent premature greying of strands.

Shine Diaries

Taking cue from home remedies, this blend of bhringraj and amla as a hair oil is truly phenomenal. It does a fab job at nourishing the scalp and clearing it of bacteria so that your hair can grow healthy with impeccable shine. This blend offers your mane the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and strong come rain or shine.

Age Old Remedy

The age old hair fall solution using red onion is now transformed into a hair oil blend for easy application and amazing results. Red onion is touted to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss by strengthening the roots and noruishing the scalp while getting rid of bacteria. This blend contains the extracts of the popular kitchen ingredients alongside other haircare heroes like bhringraj, amla, castor oil, almond oil, and argan oil for complete care.

Coconut Care

Most of us owe it to coconut oil for keeping our locks thick and healthy during our younger years and this natural oil works just as well even today. This pure grade coconut oil is exactly what your hair needs to become soft and shiny. Just massage it into your scalp and lengths an hour before a hair wash for a deep moisturising treatment for your mane.

Longing Lustre

Do you want your locks to grow super long while attaining that glossy effect? Then try out this nature-infused hair oil that features a blend of onion, coffee, bhrami, and other plant based oils. This oil stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation and nourishing the scalp with its nutrient rich formula. Use it everyday to boost your hair growth cycle and maintain your natural lengths by banishing dry strands and split ends.

Take your hair concerns into consideration and pick one of these oils for an at-home pampering sesh for your mane. Rest assured these oil blends will give you the hair of your dreams with regular use.

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17 May 2022

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