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Champi Time: These Oils Will Combat Each Of Your Hair Woes & Give You Super Luscious Locks

Champi Time: These Oils Will Combat Each Of Your Hair Woes & Give You Super Luscious Locks

When it comes to oiling our hair, most of us reach out for the oils that are already present in our homes ie, nariyal or sarso ka tel! Instead of applying a hair oil just for the sake of it by reaching out for whatever is available, choose one that your hair really needs.

Whether you have dry hair or dull hair or are looking to fight off dandruff, there’s nothing a good ‘ol champi cannot fix.

So, we’re sharing some oil suggestions that you can add to your hair care routine if you want your good hair days back!

Oils For Every Hair Concern Possible


There are so many different categories of hair oils available in the market, each one claiming to do so a hoard of things for your hair. Well, these are the ones that we recommend.

To Treat Dandruff And An Itchy Scalp

If you have an itchy scalp suffer from dandruff, then you need something like tea tree essential oil. It has antibacterial properties that will help with your scalp flakiness. Since it is an essential oil, mix it with a carrier oil (olive oil works great) before applying it to the scalp.

Or you can buy an anti-dandruff hair oil which has tea tree oil as one of the hero ingredients. Heat about 4-5 tbsp hair oil in a microwave for 10 seconds as apply it to your scalp.

To Revive Dull Hair

Having dull hair is a woe we all face because of the natural and chemical aggressors we subject them to. Sure, a DIY hair mask can do wonders for it but you’re looking for an oil treatment then the goodness of Bringadi will do wonders.

Bringadi oil is nutrient-rich that provides deep conditioning while bringing out your hair’s natural shine. It is one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs for all the right reasons. Apply it 2-3 times a week and we bet your hair will be super shiny and luscious!

Ayurvedic Hair Oil

To Combat Hairloss

Primrose oil happens to be super popular when it comes to treating hair loss. So, if you feel like your strands are falling more than usual, you can give this a go. Trust us, you’ll be amazed at its benefits.

To Boost Hair Growth

Hair growth depends on so many factors such as genetics, diet, and haircuts etc. But if you want to add a hair growth oil to your beauty routine, onion hair oil is excellent. Pour a few drops directly on the scalp, massage for a few minutes and then keep it overnight. Do this 2-3 times a week and we bet you’ll be giving some tough competition to Rapunzel

For Frizzy Hair

 Another great Ayurvedic herb to consider adding to your hair care routine is Bhringraj. Originally from the sunflower family, it can tame frizzy hair in no time, restore your mane’s natural shine and also improve your scalp’s health.

It can also help tame frizzy hair, making it a monsoon must-have!

Time to bid adieu to all your mane problems!

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15 May 2021

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