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12 Hairstyle Ideas You Must Try At Least ONCE In Your Life!

12 Hairstyle Ideas You Must Try At Least ONCE In Your Life!

We’re all pretty attached to our precious hair of course, but it is the one thing that you can experiment with without worrying about permanent effects. Which is why we think you need to get out of the rut and have some fun with it. Here are a few hair ideas every girl should try at least once. Just take the plunge! Trust us, it’ll help you feel liberated, daring, feminine and empowered. You can only find what’s best for you after trying everything possible, right? After all, you only live once! #YOLO.

1. Grow It Super Long

hair ideas every girl should try

Every girl should spend a few years growing out her mane. Rapunzel-esque locks can make anyone feel like a princess.

2. Dye It A Crazy Colour

It doesn’t necessarily have to be pink or purple, but whatever is crazy for you. If you’ve always wondered about going a few shades lighter then do it. What if it looks fantastic on you but you were too wary of giving it a shot? Even if you don’t like it you can always reverse it.

3. Get Bangs

hair ideas every girl should try

A full-on box fringe or wispy, side-wept bangs, you definitely have to rock a fringe at some point in your life. Trust us, it can change up your look in an instant. And if you don’t like it, use pretty pins to pin them away or rock a cool hat and make a fun style statement.

4. Get A Pixie Cut/ Bob

If you’ve never gone short in your life, now is the time to. You can’t imagine how free you will feel after you cut off your hair. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how low maintenance it really is and how much time you save styling your hair. If a pixie cut is way too extreme for you, then a bob (or even the LOB) is a must-try. It’ll make you feel super edgy and seriously cool.

5.  Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

hair ideas every girl should try

If you spend half your time trying to “tame” your mane or get it to look different than how it naturally looks, it’s time to just throw your hands up and let it do what it wants. Embrace the way your hair naturally looks and work it.

6. Straighten It Or Curl It

Yes, we just told you to embrace your natural hair texture, but sometimes of course it’s fun to make it look just the opposite of what it always does. If you have curly hair, straighten it, and if your hair is straight, bring out the tongs and curl it.

7.  Experiment With Braids

hair ideas every girl should try

When you grow your hair long, braiding it is a must. Grecian plaits, messy fish-braids and even intricate plaits a la Khaleesi from Game Of Thrones. Put all those Youtube tutorials to good use and make the most of your long locks for some flirty, feminine style.

8. Change Up Your Part

If you’ve had the same side parting for ages, then simply flip it over to the other side, or try a centre part instead. It may not rank high on the risk factor, but it’s a super quick way to change up your look and break out of that hair rut.

9. Splurge On A Super Fancy Blow Dry/ Haircut

hair ideas every girl should try

Go to the most lavish salon in your city, book the most senior most stylist (they’re also the most expensive) and treat your hair to a celebrity experience. It’s okay to splurge on your mane once in a blue moon, or try this just once in your life even. Maybe for your birthday you can pay a visit to the most experienced stylist at the best salon you know as a treat for yourself?

10. Try A Royal Updo

Got a big occasion coming up? Instead of the regular blowout why not try a super elegant updo with a few soft tendrils let loose? Look up some tutorials, get your bestie to help or get it done at your local parlour. It will make you feel like royalty attending a ball for sure.

11. Get Super Wild Curls

hair ideas every girl should try

If you have naturally curly hair, just scrunch them and let them run wild. If your hair is straight then put down that brush and curl it and tousle it. Get ready to let loose your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Oh, and this style looks best on frizzy hair, so embrace it!

12. Go Big Or Go Home

Be a back-comb whizz and tease your mane for some va va voom volume. Flip it upside down for some extra body and flaunt your wild, big hair. It’s easy to accomplish and a mega style statement.

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05 May 2016

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