7 Baby Hair Hacks For When You Want To Nail A Kim K-Approved Slicked Hairdo

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 15, 2021
Hair Hacks For A Kim K-Approved Sleek Hairdo



PSA: There’s nothing wrong with baby hair and flyaways! They are completely natural and happen to all of us. But on days when you do crave a smoother, sleeker ‘Gram-worthy hairdo, taming that baby hair can be a huge pain. They are way too frizzy to let loose and too short to clip up.

Want a slick ponytail? That’s easy enough. But a super sleek one like how Kim Kardashian rocks it? That’s much easier said than done. You will definitely need the right products to tame those rebellious little strands sticking out all along your hairline. But don’t you fret as we’re listing down some game-changing tips and products for the next time you wanna rock a sleek hairdo.

7 Fail-Safe Hair Hacks To Try For When You Want A Sleek Hairdo

Opt For The Right Tools


Using the right tools is key to acing a sleek hairdo. A point-edged rat tail comb, a mascara wand, or a toothbrush are your best friends, since they all provide the much-needed precision to settle down the baby hair. A clear eyebrow gel, natural fibre paintbrush, or a soft bristle brush can also help keep the frizz away.

Try The Hairspray And Toothbrush Duo


If you’re exacting just like us, we recommend elaborately styling them with a small bristle brush or your regular toothbrush will also do the trick. Yes, the same toothbrush you use to brush your teeth (well, not literally the same one). All you have to do is spray some hairspray on your toothbrush and gently brush it on teeny strands or else you can directly spritz it on to hair for extra hold.

Apply A Styling Gel Pomade


Looking to reframe your edges aka the shortest, most vulnerable baby hair into an opportunity for creativity and whimsy? We’ve just the thing for you. Using a styling cream is one of the fool-proof ways to slick down those unruly yet delicate baby hair since that hair is usually shorter than the rest and has a softer texture. 

Tame ‘Em Down With Cold Air

There is a high probability that those baby hairs are damaged, which is the reason why they refuse to lie fat. If you love blow-drying your hair, we recommend using medium to low heat on baby hair as high heat can literally fry them because they are too delicate. Just keep your dryer’s nozzle in the downward position while keeping it at medium heat and full speed, gently run it over your baby hair and end with cold air.

Spritz It With Water


Yes, sometimes all you need is water to do the trick for you. If your flyaways are looking a little messy, there’s no need to shampoo your hair to tone it down. Yes, you can just spray some water along the hairline and brush your baby hair in the direction of its natural growth. Using a wooden toothbrush or a fibre brush will do the trick for you.

Avoid Shaving Your Baby Hair


We are only human, and frustration can sometimes lead to drastic measures. But no matter how annoyed you are with your baby hair, shaving and waxing are out of the question. TBH, unless you commit to a costly and serious laser treatment like Kim K, there aren’t any long-term solutions to deal with rebellious strands.

Protect It


Switch up your hair care game by replacing your cotton pillowcases with silk ones or tie a silk scarf as it will help protect its natural texture. Why? Silk helps in retaining the much-needed moisture in your strands. Thus, preventing them from getting frizzy while protecting them from the damage due to friction. You can also avoid shampooing your hair way too frequently and rather invest in a dry shampoo.

Will you be wearing your hair sleek, smooth and sexy for your stay-at-home weekend?

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