Sleek Bob Or Bold Colour? Chic Summer Hair Trends To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 14, 2021
On-Trend Hair Cuts Based On Your Zodiac Sign


When it comes to picking a new haircut or style, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. After all, everywhere we look is inspiration overload, from IG influencers to celebrities. But don’t you fret, as we’re here to help you figure out your summer hairspo with a little assistance from—wait for it—your star sign.

Whether you’re a free-spirited Leo with a penchant for a bold hair dye or a head-turner Gemini who’s been thinking about chopping off bangs—we’ve gathered the chicest summer-friendly hair trends that speak to every sign. So keep scrolling to find some hair inspiration courtesy of the stars and let your zodiac guide you towards your specific style fit.

The Chicest Hair Cuts To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: The Cruella Hair Trend

You are a trendsetter who’s always up for trying something new, no matter how daring it might be. As you’re usually the one who ushers in a new beauty trend, we all look to you to see what you’ll do next. If you are in the mood to experiment, this dual-toned colour block look is the perfect fit for your style aesthetic.

Taurus: The Mini Cut

They are loving, unshakable, reliable, and practical rather than edgy and wacky. Taureans love timeless, chic, and classic styles. The mini cut is the perfect example of this, it’s pretty cool and will never go out of fashion.

Gemini: The Chic Bob

Intelligent, quick-witted, curious, and versatile, Geminis favour risque cuts and colours. This season french girl bob with curtain bangs is a drastic but very chic cheekbone length bob. You can also play with light-hued highlights and make this look even more trendy.

Cancer: A Sleek Wavy Hairdo

Unlike the other signs, cancers love the practicality of a signature, timeless look and aren’t ones to experiment. They would love something with a retroelement like a sleek wavy hairdo and they usually favour natural hues of brown when it comes to the hair colour.

Leo: The Spicy Skunk Hair

Leos love being in the spotlight, so a hairstyle that draws attention to them isn’t something they’d be afraid of. What better way to be a standout than sporting this dual-toned skunk hair? TBH, these face-framing tendrils are perfect for a fun-loving fire sign.

Virgo: Jawline Grazing Bob

Creative, meticulous, hard-working, and diligent, Virgos love a cut that’s as slick and pulled-together as their personality. This precise jawline grazing bob is orderly and precise, so Virgos can breathe a sigh of relief.

Libra: Long And Glamorous

Libras are all about balance in life and the same goes for their beauty looks. They are sure to appeal to chic Gen Z’s hairstyles—from flipped-out edges screaming retro-glam to vintage-inspired middle part—they can pull it off like a stunner.

Scorpio: Sliced Bob

Intuitive, powerful, dominant, and determined, Scorpios can easily pull off something sleek and fierce. The sliced bob is the perfect fit for you. It’s characterised by ultra-blunt edges and same-length strands that look sleek, sexy, and effortless.

Sagittarius: The Pixie Crop

Free-spirited, optimistic, driven, and intellectual, Sagittarians are confident about following their own tastes rather than trends, which means no style is off-limits. If you’re feeling the urge to chop it all off and sport a gossamer, pixie is the way to go. Alternatively, you can wear your hair down and embrace your natural hair texture.

Capricorn: The Collarbone Blunt Cut

Humorous, stubborn, loyal, and practical, Capricorns like to take all factors under consideration before making a decision. So a practical cut that still has tonnes of style is the perfect fit for you. You can either go extra short but not too short, so that you can still tie it up.

Aquarius: Sun-Kissed Locks

Original, honest, independent, intuitive, and super versatile when it comes to haircuts and style. Don’t be surprised if you wanna try an Ariana Grande-Esque high ponytail one day and want to chop it all off the next. You’re on the nature-loving side, so a sin-kissed, effortless look embracing your natural hair texture would work best for you.

Pisces: The Messier, The Sexier

Pisceans live in a dream world of their own, so why not make your hairdo reflect that? If you’ve seen Bridgerton, you might be inspired by the wavy, romantic hairstyles. Wear your hair up or down and don’t fret about it being a little messy. In fact, you can let tendrils run free for an elevated look.

Let the stars lead your way!

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