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The Chicest Hair Accessories Of 2022 To Stock Up On For A Stylish Look

The Chicest Hair Accessories Of 2022 To Stock Up On For A Stylish Look

Don’t just give makeup all your attention, your mane needs some styling too. Sure you can argue that you follow a religious haircare routine and you even heat style your hair regularly but other than that what’s something special that you do for your mane? We bet your kit is overflowing with makeup products, but we suggest you balance it out with something pretty for your hair too. We aren’t talking about haircare and styling products, we mean hair accessories. These statement hair pieces are as impactful as wearing a bold lipstick shade or rocking a cool new handbag or a new set of earrings. And with trends from the ’90s and ’00s making a comeback, it’s even more ideal considering those were the decades when hair accessories were trending the most. Think bandanas and butterfly clips, even celebs like Dua Lipa and Disha Patani use them on the regular. If you’re keen on stepping up your hair game in 2022, we got something special for you. Here are our top picks of hair accessories available online to keep you looking chic and stylish.

10 Hair Accessories To Look Chic & Stylish In 2022


Oversized Organza Scrunchies

These hair accessories are oh so elegant yet they make for the chicest style statement. The oversized scrunchie stands out and can make any low bun or limp ponytail look highly fashionable. The organza material balances the size out as the texture of the cloth is sheer and delicate. This hair accessory is easy to use and complements even traditional ensembles. This set of 3 oversized organza scrunchies offers you neutral colour options that can work for many outfits.

Satin Scarves

Feel like an elite model by rocking silk scarves on your hair in 2022. This particular scarf reminds us of luxury offerings but on a budget. They may not be silk but satin still gives the desired effects. This scarf is navy blue with a floral print and it looks utterly chic. It can be styled with any ensemble and not look out of place thanks to its muted yet invigorating colours. There are a few more designs you can choose from that feature different prints and colours.

Metal Hair Chains

These metal hair band chains are very popular these days especially since they look so good even on traditional attire. It’s an easy way to style your locks without having to create complex hairstyles. Just wearing this hair chain will make you look dressy and polished. Depending on the design, you can pair this hair chain with business wear and traditional clothes like sarees or lehengas. They even work beautifully for casual wear and instantly make you look more put together.

Silk Bow Scrunchies

You definitely need these in your wardrobe, if you don’t already have them. While there are tons of knotted scrunchies available online, we suggest you bag these plain satin knotted scrunchie bands as they can complement many outfits without looking out of place. These bands can even be styled in neat bows to look polished or tied around your hair bun to offer more support. Even letting them be as is without tying them up adds flair to your hair.

Large Claw Clips

We bet you’ve been searching for these all over and they are finally available online. Large sized claw clips began trending recently due to hair reels that featured this accessory. The reels displayed how easy and chic it is to style your hair with them. These clips are a nod to the ’90s aesthetic and definitely need to be stocked up on before they sell out. The best part is even though it’s been popularised on straight hair types, these clips are very durable and work well to clip up even thick manes.

Stylised Hair Pins

These hair pins are going to make your mane look so pretty, you will look like you stepped right out of a fairytale. These stylised hair pins can be placed anywhere on your hair and they will look stunning. You don’t even have to be a pro at hairstyling to use them. These pins can be worn especially for the wedding season and festive season as they look magical on formal and traditional attires.

Padded Headbands

If there’s a headband that is in line with Parisian chic, we got to have it. These padded headbands are a style secret not many know of and they look incredibly posh. They elevate your hair game and make you look like a million bucks.

Small Flower Pearl Hair Clips

Just like those trending tiny butterfly clips but with a more classic appeal, you won’t regret buying these tiny pearl flower hair clips. They can be used to accessorise micro braids or to keep hair off of your face in a stylish frame, and even to accessorise buns and more. The possibilities are endless. 

Satin Bow Hair Barrettes

Whenever you need to make your messy hair look instantly polished, just brush it and then add this clip. It is a neat black statement bow barrette hair accessory that will take you from drab to fab in no time. Plus, you don’t have to waste your time trying to perfect an actual bow when you have this in your hair kit. It works well to style half-up styles and ponytails.

Gold Clamp Clips

A pack of 6 gold-toned metal clamp clips in different cute shapes and designs is exactly what you need in your hair kit because they are too stylish to pass up. They come at an affordable price and can make any of your updos instantly stylish. If twisting up and clipping your hair is what you are used to doing on the regular, these clips will accessorise that hairstyle and make it look chic.

Bag these chic hair accessories right away because you don’t want them to go out of stock before you have them in your kitty. With these trendy hair accessories, your hair game is going to be uber-stylish in 2022.

Featured Image: Pexels

23 Sep 2022

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