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Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Mani Is The Sweetest Upgrade Your Nails Need

Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Donut Mani Is The Sweetest Upgrade Your Nails Need

Any affinity for minimalism in beauty isn’t limited to the skin anymore model Hailey Bieber has pioneered a trend that’s reeling in an era of ultra-minimalistic manicures, and celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Sydney Sweeney are following her lead. This one’s nothing like the jelly-looking nails, neon colour-pop, or butterfly nail-art informing trends on TikTok it’s the opposite.

We’re talking glazed donut-like nails: pearlescent, milky, icing-inspired nails that are neutral, chic, and versatile. The effect is gauzy and lustrous not unlike the sheer veil of sheen sitting atop a Krispy Kreme. And if you’re thinking they’re subtle yes, they are. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that they make a statement from a mile away thanks to how glazed they are. If you’re looking to replicate them at home, here’s exactly what you need to do to.

Not Just Glazed Donut Skin Glazed Donut Nails Are Trending, And How

It’s simple as long as you have a U.V nail-lamp at home. Celebrity nail-artist Zola Ganzoright, whose clientele includes the likes of Bieber and Hudgens, kickstarted this trend back when she prepped Hailey’s nails for this year’s installment of the Met Gala. She uses just four products to achieve the look, and breaks down the process for us like this in her video:

  • Apply a clear base-coat, and dry your nails under the lamp for about thirty seconds.
  • Next choose a milky, pearly shade of white for the nails (one coat is enough), and cure/dry them under the lamp for another sixty seconds.
  • Conclude with a clear top-coat. Dry for about thirty seconds.
  • Before you proceed, wipe your (dry) nails with isopropyl alcohol to remove any residual oils from the surface.
  • For the magic you’ll need a chrome powder-based pigment to add lustre to your nails. Take a brush (like an eyeshadow brush), and dip it into the tin before gently pressing the product against your nails.

Ganzoright has replicated this trend on Vanessa Hudgens’ nails too. Notice how her accessories are playing up her nails’ iridescence. This manicure flatters all nail-shapes and sizes, but Bieber and Hudgens seem to love how these pearly-whites look on oval-shaped nails. If you don’t have a nail-lamp at home, you can have your manicurist mimic this look for you professionally.


You’ll Need These…

Since most of the products suggested by Ganzoright aren’t available in India, we’re suggesting alternatives that work just as well as the OGs.

For The Base Coat

For The Nail Polish

For Your Top Coat

For The Finishing Touches

Featured Image: Instagram

25 Jul 2022

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