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Hailey Bieber’s Clean Glamm Is Giving Us Major Beauty Inspo &We’re Taking Notes!

Hailey Bieber’s Clean Glamm Is Giving Us Major Beauty Inspo &We’re Taking Notes!

Clean makeup looks have taken the trend train and swooshed into 2022 effortlessly, which only means that it’s high time you try your hand at it. From uber glamm to your daily no-makeup-makeup, this versatile beauty trend fits every occasion with just the right twists. Now, if you’re someone who is looking to ace the clean makeup aesthetic, take notes from our girl Hailey Bieber. Always seen sporting dewy makeup, she never misses when it comes to fresh and clean makeup looks. Today, she posted another selfie, and we’re jotting down makeup notes!

In the picture, she is wearing a glammed-up version of her infamous clean, dewy makeup look, which makes it perfect for OTT events. Do you have an event marked on your calendar which requires a fabulous makeup look? Because if you do, try your hand at Hailey’s makeup look and ace the dewy glamm effortlessly.

Beauty Breakdown: Ace Hailey’s Dewy Glamm In 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Skin To DEW List

Prep your skin with a poreless finish primer and top it with a dewy finish foundation. You can mix a little quantity of liquid highlighter to your foundation for that extra dewy effect. Conceal your problem areas with a true tone concealer and set it with a banana powder.

Step 2: Snatched Babe

Ditch your blush for a warm-toned, subtle contour. Trace the perimeters of your face with your contour brush and apply a bit under your cheekbones too. Blend well to avoid harsh lines.

Step 3: EYE Love You!

Forma a nude base all over your eyelids, and top it off with a deep nude eyeshadow shade. Go under your waterline with the same deep nude for a subtle smokey eye effect.

Step 4: Lips Like Sugar

Line your lips with a nude lip liner with muted berry undertones. Fill in your lips with a similar shade of creamy lipstick.

Have you perfected the clean makeup aesthetic yet?

Featured Images: Instagram

19 Jan 2022

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