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Hailey Bieber Makes A Case For Glossy Lids & Lips & We’re Totes Obsessed

Hailey Bieber Makes A Case For Glossy Lids & Lips & We’re Totes Obsessed

Forget saving them for spring – pastels are meant to be enjoyed all year long. Hailey Bieber knows this. She also knows how to make them look really, really good. Hailey Bieber’s VMAs 2021 makeup made a strong case for wearing lighter shades into fall and beyond. The model cheered on her hubby, Justin, wearing glossy lilac eyelids – and her makeup was sheer perfection. For the look, makeup artist Mary Phillips matched her glossy pastel lids with glossy lips. And, of course, heaps of highlighter and blush hues on Bieber’s cheekbones elevated it to extraordinary status.

The VMAs are always a source of some major inspo in the beauty department. The red carpet may not be as jam-packed as in previous years, but the jaw-dropping beauty looks were hardly in short supply. Bieber’s is another one to add to your ever-growing saved folder. This subtle yet glam look proves that no matter what you are wearing, glossy lids can and will go with anything. Well, there is no choice but to stan and take this look into autumn 2021.


7 Steps To Copy Hailey Bieber’s Monochrome Makeup

Step 1: For Your Dewiest Skin Ever

Give your face a two-minute massage with a rich, creamy moisturiser. Then, follow it with a luminous priming cream. Alternatively, using an illuminating facial serum or oil will also do the trick. Next, choose a dewy foundation as you base and buff it on the skin with a brush. Dot concealer under the eyes and on areas where you may need it, and until it melts into the skin. 

Step 2: For Bieber- Approved Brows

Fill in any gaps in the brows with your eyebrow pencil and feather them out with a spoolie. If you’re blessed with fuller eyebrows, you can just use a brow gel to set it in place.


Step 3: To Rock Glossy, Lilac Lids

Prime your eyelids with primer to set the rest of the eye makeup products up for success. Next, choose a lilac eyeshadow and apply it all over your lids, crease, and slightly along the lower lash line. Blend the edges using a clean fluffy blending brush. Then, take an eyelid gloss and apply it all over the eyelids to shine bright like a diamond! Next, curl your lashes and coat them in mascara.

Step 4: For A Sculpted Look

Set the makeup on your forehead, around the chin and nose using a translucent powder to keep it from creasing. With a powder bronzer, warm up your complexion, focusing on the areas where sun would naturally hit. 


Step 5: To Mimic That Otherworldly Glow

To mimic Hailey’s unreal glow, apply a cream highlighter on cheeks and high points of the face, using your fingers to pat and press the product. Then, apply a rosy cream blush on the apple of your cheeks, blend it upwards towards the temple. 

Step 6: To Perfect That Pout

Line your lips with a brownish-nude lip liner. Next, apply a layer of your favourite nude lipstick that has the same undertone as that of your blush. Spritz your face with a setting mist to complete the look. 


Step 7: Finally, That Gorg Hairdo

Tie your hair in a tight bun with a few tendrils left out front to frame your face. Use a hair setting spray to keep those frizz and flyaways at bay.

Just look at that glow!


Featured Image: Instagram

28 Sep 2021
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