Winter Wonderland: Hailey Beiber Makes A Case For Ice Blue Eyeliner & We’re Here For It

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 16, 2021
Winter Wonderland: Hailey Beiber Makes A Case For Ice Blue Eyeliner & We’re Here For It


And, she’s back with a new makeup look that has won our hearts over again. Hailey Beiber consecutively serves cool-girl makeup looks that incorporate vibrant colour and dewiness all while looking casual-chic. How does she do it? We aim to find out by decoding every makeup look she throws our way. Here she makes a case for ice blue eyeliner and we are loving the vibe especially for the party season. Check out her makeup decode below and adopt this look for yourself.

Hailey Beiber’s Ice Blue Eye Makeup Decode

Step 1: Dewy Skin Detail

Double cleanse your skin, tone up, and use a serum and moisturiser to keep your skin clean and hydrated. Opt for a primer oil and then blend on a dewy skincare-infused foundation on your face and neck. Apply a concealer (if required) to the under-eye area, chin, and contours of the nose. Set the concealer with translucent powder and then spritz your face with a setting spray.

Step 2: Glow Up

Opt for a shimmery bronzer to add warmth to your visage and contour; apply it beneath the cheekbones, on the jawline, and at the temples. Use a dewy liquid highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and Cupid’s bow. Apply a cream blush in a peach shade to your cheeks.

Step 3: Icy Gaze

For the eyes, apply a creamy peach eyeshadow all over the lids. Top it up with a sweep of translucent silver shimmer eyeshadow pigment. Take an ice blue eyeliner and apply it thickly along your lash lines. Now tight line your lash lines with a kohl pencil and make the line a bit darker on the outer corners. Use an angled brush to softly blur the kohl and create wings on the outer corners. Swipe your lashes with mascara.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Hydrate your lips with a balm. Outline them with a nude lip pencil and then fill in your lips with a skincare-infused nourishing lipstick in the same colour. Brush up your eyebrows with a brow gel. And, you’re done.

Hair Note

Whether your hair is washed or unwashed, you can try this hairstyle as well. Simply centre part your hair and leave two tendrils to frame your face. Twist and clip up the rest of your hair at the back with a claw clip. Take a dollop of hair gel and apply it to the clipped up hair to make it look sleek and glossy. Use some gel on the face-framing tendrils too.

Get Hailey Beiber’s icy makeup look for yourself and be sure to slay.

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