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Hailee Steinfeld’s Sun-Kissed Natural Makeup & Textured Ponytail Gives Girl Next Door Vibes

Hailee Steinfeld’s Sun-Kissed Natural Makeup & Textured Ponytail Gives Girl Next Door Vibes

A good neutral-toned makeup look always works best. Be it for a brunch date or a business meeting, there’s no room for messing up your beauty avatar when playing with neutral hues of makeup. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new ways to rock au natural makeup fad and Hailee Steinfeld just gave us the best inspo this season. The Hawkeye star is rocking peachy hues, bronzed skin, and the most natural looking contoured eye makeup that results in a sun-kissed effect. We are captivated by it all. Her makeup is a play on the natural aesthetic but with an ever so light touch of glam thanks to those fluffy falsies. Even her hair game is following that clean-girl aesthetic with a sleek high ponytail that also has wavy textures through its lengths. In our opinion, she checks all the boxes for a modern spin on natural hair and makeup in 2022. Read on to find out how exactly you can get that snatched hairstyle and makeup.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Bronzed & Peachy Makeup 


Step 1: Nature’s Base

To get the most natural looking base like the Bumblebee actress, add nature-infused skincare to your CTM routine and then follow up with an illuminating sunscreen that also doubles as an illuminating makeup primer. Then, blend a skin tint instead of a foundation on your face and neck and use concealer lightly only on areas that require more coverage. Set your base with a mist.

Step 2: Ruffled Feathers

Hailee’s brows are feathered to the max. This natural brow effect is best achieved with soap brow products. Wet the soap brow product with a mist and then pick up some of the soap on a spoolie brush and work it into your brows. Once done, press down on your brows with your fingers to flatten them. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps using hair–like strokes.

Step 3: Snatched & Lifted

A peach eyeshadow is used to contour the diva’s eye shape and make it look more elongated. Blend a peach eyeshadow outwards on the outer corners of the crease and then lightly connect it to the outer corners of the upper lash lines. Now, swipe on a shimmery nude eyeshadow on your lids. Use a kajal pencil to tightline your upper lash lines and accentuate your tear ducts at the inner corners. Now apply black winged liner only to the outer corners of the upper lash lines. Stick on those falsies and wear mascara.

Step 4: Peach Harvest

Bronze your skin and opt for an apricot blush to ace that sun kissed glow like the Pitch Perfect 3 actress. Blend a matte bronzer on your hairline, jawline, and cheekbones. Dab and blend an apricot blush on your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Use a stick highlighter to highlight the high points of your face.

Step 5: Pillow Soft

For plump and smooth looking lips, use a lip scrub and then a lip balm before lip makeup. Dab off the excess balm and outline your lips with a nude lip liner. Fill in colour with a nourishing peachy nude lipstick.

Hailee Steinfeld’s Snatched Multi Textured Ponytail


The diva’s ponytail hairstyle has both sleek and wavy textures. And that’s exactly the kind of versatility we need from our mane. To ace this popular sleek and wavy ponytail hairstyle, wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo, condition, and then apply a serum while your hair is still damp. Detangle your hair and then get right to business. Create a 3-inch centre at the front and leave out that section. Tie the rest of your hair in a high ponytail with elastic bands and secure the base with bobby pins. Apply a hair gel close to your roots and brush with a back combing brush to make it sleek. Apply gel to the front section as well and then pin the hair from one side of the centre parting at the back nearing your ponytail base. Repeat with the other side of hair as well. This creates that snatched effect. Brush once again to make your roots sleek and then tong the lengths of your ponytail to create waves.

Save Hailee Steinfeld’s beauty look because it is definitely going to come to your rescue when you aren’t sure how to deck up for an event.

Featured Images: Instagram

23 Sep 2022

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