Hadh Hai Yaar! Here’s Why Shein’s Relaunch Has Left Us Absolutely Heartbroken

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jul 27, 2021
Hadh Hai Yaar! Here’s Why Shein’s Relaunch Has Left Us Absolutely Heartbroken

Yesterday we started our Monday on a surprisingly happy note. Shein was finally making a comeback to India and we were excited about the mega relaunch. A quick scroll through Shein’s products and all our fashion dreams came crashing down. It took us a solid day to actually grasp the intensity of the practical joke that had been pulled off by the brand in the name of fashion. What we saw on our screens definitely wasn’t Shein. It was a ghost of the Shein’s past, an extremely watered down and disappointing version of what we remembered it as. 

Long things short–Shein is a colossal disappointment and here is why we are currently hating this abomination:

All That Buzz For Literally Nothing? 

So a lot of buzz was created around Shein’s relaunch and we were all led to believe that it is actually going to be a big deal. There’s only a slight hiccup–it isn’t a major deal at all. With like 10 items listed under each one of their five categories, I don’t know what mountains (read, a super tiny hill) was the brand expecting to conquer. It is a drab comeback and a weak one too. 


What Is That Collection?

Remember when we had the actual Shein (yes, we are calling it that) and we could literally buy every trending style and silhouette on the platform? Yup, that’s not happening anymore. To simply put–the Shein collection is super sad. Almost half of the collection is a hideous floral maxi, dipped in various dull and boring hues. The rest of it should also have been left where it best belongs i.e. in the past. 

They Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

Can someone please tell me why I should care about wearing a maxi dress that is neither stylish nor economical? The biggest USP of Shein used to be its price point. Not anymore. Clothes that look nothing like Shein for prices that, again, look nothing like Shein’s? It’s heartbreaking, to say the least.


Where Is The Rest Of It? 

A lot of us used to shop from Shein not because of the clothes but ‘coz of everything else that they sold. Remember the sexy shoes, the bags, the accessories? Sadly, while Shein has managed to come back none of our most beloved stuff has. It’s just clothing this time around and even that’s boring AF.

All in all? Shein is back in action and we cannot keep calm….NOT! 

Featured Image: Instagram