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Prepare For A Plumper Pout In Seconds! 6 Viral Beauty Hacks That Are Pure Genius

Prepare For A Plumper Pout In Seconds! 6 Viral Beauty Hacks That Are Pure Genius

When it comes to some of the most requested facial enhancements, a fuller lip is at the top of the list. Couple that with the flood of social media perfection and our fave girl crushes constantly injecting their pouts on the regular – the quest for bigger lips is spreading like wildfire.

So what’s a beauty-loving babe to do if you faint at the sight of needles, or you’re tired of fillers, or just don’t feel like dropping your hard-earned cash at the med spa? You just need these pout-enhancing champions. With a ton of techniques around, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of easy hacks to come back to whenever you want to experiment next.

Here They Are! 6 Genius Hacks To Plump Up Your Pout

Use A Lip Plumper

The MyGlamm’s Lip plumper went viral on Instagram with many users calling it “lip filler in a bottle.” The plumper is actually a lip-plumping gloss infused with uber-nourishing ingredients. You can use it atop your lipstick or alone for a sheer wash of colour. Fair warning, though, many users report it stings. But, no pain no gain, right?

The Lip Lift Hack

You can thank celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic for this next hack. It simply involves using a liner to make the distance between your lips and nose look smaller, thus giving your lips a more lifted look. Basically, you’ll need to overline the cupid’s bow and bottom center of your lower lip so it gives the appearance of full and ultra-lush lips.

Cinnamon Is How We Roll!

Apparently, we’ve been sleeping on the power of cinnamon powder and oil for natural lip plumping hack. Cinnamon can increase circulation, but it does not irritate the lips in a way. You might want to patch test before trying this one out. 

Bow And Arrow Lip Lift

Huda Kattan recently coined the ‘bow and arrow lip lift’ hack on her IG account. It contours and shapes the lip a little bit differently than normal. She uses a cream contour palette to draw an arrow above her lip and below. Then, she used a dark liner to create another arrow on the center of her lips. After that, she uses liquid lipstick over it and after blending it all out, it creates the appearance of fuller lips. 

A DIY Scrub!

Another viral lip plumping hack includes making a DIY mask of cinnamon, sugar, and coconut oil (or olive oil). Because it’s similar to the above cinnamon oil and cinnamon powder hack, it produces the same kind of plumping effect. The blogger even reported that she looked like she had filler by the end of the video! It’s easy, only required ingredients you probably have in your kitchen, and produces some noticeable results. 

Peppermint Oil FTW!

Adding a couple of drops of peppermint oil to any lip gloss can make it into a plumping gloss. It should feel tingly when you apply it, but shouldn’t sting. You’ll see results after a few minutes. Definitely worth a shot.

Plump it up!

Featured Image: Instagram

03 Jun 2022

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