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If You Wake Up With A Puffy Face, These 5 Hacks Will Bring Down The Bloating

If You Wake Up With A Puffy Face, These 5 Hacks Will Bring Down The Bloating

There’s one rule we have for weekends: Treat yo’ self. While it’s totally acceptable to blow off some steam after each busy week of deadlines, meetings, and stress, most activities other than an early morning yoga sesh and green juice tend to screw up our appearance. All of that indulgence can show up on your face the next morning. Puffiness and bloating are things we all experience – after a night involving one too many cocktails, gorging on a high-sodium feast, or just staying up past your bedtime. But don’t fret, we’re listing down all the solutions that’ll bring down the bloat.

If you firmly believe in living your best life on the weekends (and weekdays), we are here to help you hack your way to lifted, sculpted skin.

5 Face De-Puffing Hacks Beauty Girls Swear By

Lymphatic Drainage Massages

Using sweeping massage movements on your face can help encourage lymphatic flow and drain puffiness away from the face. While getting a professional massage is the easiest route, it’s also easy enough to do at home. Simply by using continual strokes to stimulate lymphatic drainage fluid, you can boost circulation, and deliver an effortless glow, all while creating sculpting and lifting effects. Begin at your chin and gently glide your hands along your jawline up towards your ear with light yet firm pressure. Continue to move upwards on your face in the outwards direction from the center of your face. Keep in mind to use gentle strokes to encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid towards your lymph nodes for better drainage. You can use facial oil to make it more of an experience.

Try Gua Sha

From Alicia Keys to Phoebe Dynevor, all celebs prioritise spending quality time with their gua sha. Gua sha helps to depuff your face by working on both the lymphatic drainage system and Chinese meridian points to enhance skin’s oxygen levels, stimulate blood circulation, and regulate our internal balance while removing stagnation and toxins. It helps the skin hug all the face’s curves and contours giving you a lifted and sculpted face.

Sleep On Your Back

Fluid retention during nighttime is normal, but if you usually wake up with an ultra puffy face, you might want to consider your sleep posture. Avoid sleeping on your front and invest in a good pillow. Try keeping your head slightly elevated to allow fluid to drain easier at night. To promote good sleep and depuffing – keep your room temperature around 18 degrees celsius.

Cryotherapy FTW!

Remember when Bella Hadid name-checked the ice plunge as her fave beauty trick. All you need to do is fill a bowl with ice cubes, cold water, and slices of cucumber and hold your face in it for as long as you can. It instantly reduces puffiness and tightens up the skin. You can also use frozen cubes, made with peppermint, chamomile, and/or green tea to help with this. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Stop puffiness in its tracks by keeping your hydration levels up at all times. Drinking lots of water is essential year-round, but it’s particularly key in summer when temperatures rise. Hydrogen water neutralises free radicals and boosts hydration in the body. Alternatively, you can add Celtic salt into water to help your body absorb it better, for optimal hydration.

Hello, instant cheekbones!

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20 Jun 2022

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