11 Surprising Habits That Ruin Your Hair (And Their Fixes!)

Sonali PawarSonali Pawar  |  Jan 9, 2017
11 Surprising Habits That Ruin Your Hair (And Their Fixes!)


Some of the causes of your damaged hair are crystal clear but some are not that obvious. There’s no girl out there who doesn’t love her precious strands, but you don’t know how the little things you do that are considered to be ‘normal’ are actually damaging your tresses. To help you identify these problems, here are some habits that ruin your hair and some that can save it.

1. Your makeup is getting into your hair

1 habits that ruin your hair

If you are using oil-based foundations or other makeup products, there’s a very good chance that your makeup is spreading to your hair. Now, this can damage your hair from the roots.

How to save your hair: Opt for powder based makeup as it can’t travel to your hairline that easily. Also, use homemade hair masks that can protect your hair even if you are using oil-based foundations.

2. Scrubbing your scalp

It doesn’t matter if you have an oily scalp or a dry one, both are susceptible to dandruff. But scrubbing your scalp harshly isn’t going to get rid of the ever irritating dandruff. You are actually making your hair weak and prone to falling.

How to save your hair: Try using a mix of warm coconut oil and lemon juice and apply it on your scalp at least twice a week. Whenever you shampoo your hair, scrub your scalp ever so gently and believe us, soon the results will blow your mind!

3. Touching your hair too often

3 habits that ruin your hair

Yes yes, we know that you love your hair and want to look like the diva you are. But touching your hair too much can make it more greasy.

How to save your hair: Your fingers are busy all the time and touch all sorts of things because of which they get dirty and oily. Whether you’re bored and twisting or running your fingers through your hair, there are more chances of your hair getting oily. Try keeping your hands off your strands as much as you can.

4. Pulling back wet hair

Braiding your hair when you’ve just stepped out of the shower is a big no. Your hair is more susceptible to damage and breakage when it’s wet. Pulling your hair tightly might cause more hair loss than expected and we bet you wouldn’t want that.

How to save your hair: When you come out of the shower, let it air dry for a bit and when it’s more than 50 percent dry, you can tie loose braids or topknots. Doing this will save you from unnecessary hair loss, believe us!

5. Detangling from root to tip

5 habits that ruin your hair

So, you’ve shampooed your hair today and decided to detangle your hair from the roots. Whether your hair is wet or has dried already, don’t try to detangle it from the top. As it’s difficult to comb tangled hair, the force applied to detangle it will lead to breakage and it will hurt too (ouch!)

How to save your hair: There’s actually a way to detangle your hair and it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is, hold the upper section of your hair and detangle the lower section in short strokes (obviously with the help of a detangler). The trick is to comb from the bottom and move upwards to get rid of knots without weakening your locks.

6. Blow drying sopping wet hair

If your hair is not air dried before you pick up that blow dryer, there are more of chances of your hair getting damaged. You have to use the dryer for a longer time if your hair is soaking wet and the heat as we all know dries up your hair and damages it.

How to save your hair: Your hair should be 60-65 percent dry before you start to blow drying it. It’s less damaging when you pre-dry your hair naturally and it’s better if you start blow drying with the help of your hands and fingers, initially.

7. Overexposure to the sun

7 habits that ruin your hair

It’s a nice sunny day outside, perfect for going shopping right? Hold it, ladies! UV rays can fade the colour of your hair, increase dryness and cause split ends. Scary, isn’t it?

How to save your hair: If you must step out in the sun, try and cover your mane with a scarf or a stylish hat that will also make a cool statement. And if you’re not a hat person, try a hair product that provides UV protection for your mane. We love this gel-creme by L’Oreal.

8. Going too long between haircuts

Not going for regular hair cuts might leave your hair full of split ends. Also, not getting a trim at least once in two months gives your hair an irregular and dull look. Going way too long between trims (say, a year) will damage your hair and will give you an unkempt look.

How to save your hair: Ever wondered how long is too long to go between haircuts? Well, one should go for a haircut at least once in 2-3 months for healthy hair growth.

9. Stress times

9 habits that ruin your hair

Being stressed out in general isn’t good for your body. You feel tired all the time and the glow from your face disappears. Well the same thing happens with your hair. It loses its shine and you start experiencing major hair loss.

How to save your hair: Keep calm and take it easy, girl! Difficulties are a part of life and to make it easy on your body, start exercising or meditating. Go for walks either in the mornings or evenings and believe us, soon you’ll feel a change. A relaxing head massage will also help you unwind as well as kickstart circulation in your scalp for stronger, shinier locks.

10. Shampooing too often

Yes, shampooing your hair is extremely necessary, in order to get rid of product buildup and dandruff. But that doesn’t mean you have to shampoo your hair every single day. After all, your shampoo contains chemicals and using this on your scalp and hair isn’t good for healthy hair as it can lead to dryness.

How to save your hair: Well, don’t shampoo your hair every day, as simple as that. We know that some of you might have extremely greasy hair and might want to shampoo it daily, well for that, you can start using some hair masks that can keep the oiliness in check.

11. Towel drying your hair

11 habits that ruin your hair

Surprised that the way you dry your hair is actually damaging it? Yep, towel drying damages your hair, because as mentioned above, wet hair is weak and prone to easy damage especially with the friction caused by a rough towel. Also, towel drying your hair can make it more frizzy and fluffy.

How to save your hair: It’s quite simple – don’t go overboard and rub your scalp and hair with the towel, instead blot it gently. A microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt is what you should use on wet hair to dry it gently and prevent frizz.

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