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The BRIGHT Side: 13 Habits All Happy People Have In Common!

Have you ever looked at someone and marvelled at just how happy they seem all the time? Yeah, we’ve done that too! And what we found out…*insert dramatic music here*…might change your life! Okay, on a serious note – happiness is a choice. There are certain traits that all happy people have in common. We just have to identify these and follow their lead. Sound simple enough? Well then, let’s get right to it!

1.  Forgive And Forget

The happiest people are the ones with the worst memory! They don’t hold on to negative things that have happened to them in the past. They know that the secret to moving on in life is letting go! This doesn’t mean they don’t have an ego, but what good is an ego if it comes in the way of true happiness? Pray tell!


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2. Sense Of Humour

In the toughest, bleakest times of our lives, it’s a sense of humour that can keep us stay afloat! If you notice, happy people take things lightly. They can laugh at everything around them, and most importantly, they can laugh at themselves. This makes it easy for them to truly enjoy life and not take things too seriously. What an awesome quality to have, don’t you think?


habits of happy people 2

3. Get Back Up

It’s very easy to assume that happy people don’t fall down or that they don’t endure tough times. But this is far, far away from the truth! They have lows just like you do. The only difference is, they know how to bounce back. Even when they have a tough day – they already know tomorrow will be better.


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4. Intent Matters

Happy people choose happiness every single day. You know how they say success comes to those who don’t quit trying – it’s the same principle! Happy people keep working at their happiness.


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5. The Little Things

The sound of rain, waking up before your alarm, that perfect cup of chai – yes, happy people find happiness in the little things. This is what helps them stay in a good mood most times!


habits of happy people 5

6. Don’t Postpone

There is no point in postponing happiness, yet most of us cling on to this habit. We set weird timelines in our head – “I will be happy if I get that new job”, “I will be happy if I manage to do this by the end of the year”. WHY? Happiness is a journey, not a destination! Be happy now, because honestly, NOW is all that matters!


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7. No Comparison

One of the best, most admirable traits of happy people is that they don’t constantly compare themselves to others. They know something most of don’t – jealousy is a waste of time! Happy people are usually the content ones; they are not out there awaiting their turn to take over the world while trying to make the most money! This is not to say that they are not ambitious – but they don’t judge their own progress by comparing it to the timelines of other people’s success stories!


habits of happy people 7

8. Drama-Free Zone

If you don’t know this already, we will gladly be the ones to break it to you – no good can come from adding drama to your life! Happy people seem to have figured this one out long ago. Nor do they seek out people to troll on social media, neither do they indulge people who troll them. The reason they are happy is that they have surrounded themselves with some great and true friends who are not in it for the drama!


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9. Well-Rounded Lives

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop – we’re sure you have heard of this one before! Happy people tend to have busy schedules, which are usually a balance of work and play, hobbies and passions, family time and me time! Happy people know that doing nothing will cause discontentment. So, they usually stay busy and this keeps them fulfilled!


habits of happy people 9

10. Haters Gonna Hate

Happy people have figured some things out in life – no matter who you are or what you do, there are definitely going to be people putting you down! So, just ignore them and do what you have to do! After all, haters gonna hate!


habits of happy people 10

11.  Positivity All Around

People who are generally happy surround themselves with people and things that make them happy! For instance, if bright colours cheer them up, they make sure there are bright curtains in their room; if they think a certain person will be the right one to talk to for advice, they won’t hesitate to ask that person! Whatever attracts positivity in their life – they are willing to hold on to it!


habits of happy people 11

12.  Glass Half-Full

Happy people tend to be optimists! Yeah, that’s right. They’ve conditioned their minds to seeing the good in things. Their proverbial glass is always half-full. It’s the rest of us crying about getting a refill!


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13.  Spreading Sunshine

Ever wonder why you always feel like making plans with that fun, chilled-out friend? Because you are about to have a good time, guaranteed! That’s right, happy people know something that you and I may not have realized. Happiness can grow by spreading it – the more you share, the more you have!


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05 May 2016
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