#BroCode: 15 “Guy” Things You Have To Get To Survive Life!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
#BroCode: 15 “Guy” Things You Have To Get To Survive Life!


You know that old saying boys will be boys?! Well as true as it may be – there are SOME “guy things” that we find pretty hard to wrap our heads around! Read on to see 15 hilarious (but mostly true) things about guys that we will just have to learn to accept in order to survive life!!

1. That Boys’ Night will happen, and be sacred

Even when the boy in question is, like, 50.

guy things 1

2. That potty jokes are “funny”

You don’t have to get them. You just nod along and smile.

3. That sports and food will occasionally even trump sex!

Sex before food and after sports is the best possible sequence of events.

guy things 3

4. That more often than not, shopping WILL be avoided!

Until the shoes are literally falling apart.

5. That if you turn anything into a competition, chances are a boy will be happy to participate!

What? Your friends got discounted drinks here and we didn’t? Challenge accepted!

guy things 5

6. That #Bromance is special

Don’t think less of it just because the conversations are laced with grunts, nods and the occasional burp.

7. That checking out girls is a purely physiological thing

Like sneezing. You can’t control it.

guy things 7

8. That masturbation has nothing to do with you – or any other woman

Like, you know, brushing your teeth. It’s a daily necessity.

9. That guys love the simple life

Good food + beer + football + blow job = life made!

guy things 9

10. That they do NOT get what the deal about the toilet seat is

What is this toilet etiquette nonsense, man?

11. That short is sweet.

And typing “K” is a valid form of communication.

guy things 11

12. That beer goggles are a real thing.

You might need to get them really drunk to admit it, though.

13. That they do believe that women are way more complicated than video games.

Oh sure, he can get to level 18 of his favourite video game by pressing the X button, followed by the triangle and L2 all at the same time… But you ask him to find one little g-spot and suddenly dexterity is an issue!

guy things 13

14. That guys like things uncomplicated.

Unless you give them a tool box and an open TV set. Then it’s like watching a child at Legoland.

15. That they may make fun of chick flicks, but they would NEVER turn down the chance to reenact The Hangover with their buddies.

After all, it’s basically a word-rhyming-with-chick-but-starting-with-d flick.

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