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Your All-Inclusive Guide To Wedding Hashtags And Choosing One That’s #AllAboutYou

Your All-Inclusive Guide To Wedding Hashtags And Choosing One That’s #AllAboutYou

Choosing the right wedding hashtag is on everyone’s to-do list these days. Like everything else in your wedding, you want it to be perfect and we’re here to tell you it’s not as hard as it seems. In a few easy steps, and with some inspiration, you can find the ideal wedding hashtag for your big day!

Use A Professional Service Or Hashtag Generator

Using a wedding hashtag service or a hashtag generator is ideal to get you one step closer to finding that perfect hashtag that’s #AllAboutYou. Professional hashtag writing services like Wedding Hashers ensure that you find one that is unique and perfectly fits you as a couple. Wedding Hashers makes it easy by asking you all the right questions, including your names, wedding venue, hobbies, and interests. Based on your answers, they come up with a couple of options for you to choose from. 

Another alternative to help you find a hashtag is to use a wedding hashtag generator. These free-to-use tools are a great way to get you started with ideas. All you do is input some details about yourself: usually your wedding date, surnames, and maybe a few other pieces of information. Then, the generator gets to work on creating some standard wedding hashtags based on the information you’ve provided. While these tools are not as personalized as professional writers, they’re good for couples who are on a tight budget. 

Hashtag Ideas Based On YOU

The most important thing to consider when creating your wedding hashtag is that it should be based on both of you and your relationship. You and your spouse-to-be share lots of commonalities, so let them shine in your hashtag. Here are some ways to do just that:

Hobbies And Shared Interests

Are you both avid football or cricket fans? Do you love hiking or camping? Do you love brunch and look forward to bottomless mimosas every Sunday? List down whatever your interests are or what you’re known among your friends for and we bet the ideas will start flowing.

Combination Of Your Names

This trend started well before wedding hashtags were even a thing. Remember Brangelina, Spederline, and Bennifer? Name blending is nothing new! So play with your first and last names. Don’t be surprised if you come up with something super catchy that’ll have all your wedding guests laughing!

Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding may also factor into your plans. For instance, if you have a holiday that aligns with the date, you can allow that to influence your choice (eg. #IGotMyChristmasPrince). 

Wedding Hashtag Best Practices

Wedding hashtags aren’t just meant to be used on your wedding day. You’ll want to start promoting your hashtag much sooner! And on the day of your wedding, you’ll want reminders all around to tell your guests where and how to share the photos on social media. Here are some best practices for using your custom wedding hashtag:

Wedding Invitations

Here is where most couples debut their wedding hashtag. The wedding invitation provides vital information for the big day, but it’s also a way to share your hashtag prior to the event. Guests can begin creating a “buzz” online that will get everyone excited for celebrating your nuptials. 

If you have a designer helping you with the invitations, you can ask them to work the hashtag into the design in clever ways, such as in the background or on the back of the invite. Remember to check Pinterest and Instagram for inspo on how to integrate your hashtag into your wedding invitation.

Wedding Favours

While wedding favours are usually given at the end of the event, adding your hashtag to it will be a reminder for your guests to continue sharing photos and memories even after the festivities. Hashtags can be printed on tags, piped onto cookies, or embossed on glassware. Whatever favours you choose, you can find a way to incorporate the hashtag.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are another great place to share your wedding hashtag. You can have it lit up in big neon lights or printed on signs. You could even have props made with your hashtag printed on them. The possibilities are endless and the reminders will ensure your guests use the hashtag as they share their memories on social channels.

The best part? You don’t have to wait for the photographers to get back to you months later with images from the evening. Instead, you’ll wake up to a curated list of photos and videos from all your near and dear ones. 

Wedding Signage

Lastly, wedding signage is a must-have these days. Wedding signage can communicate many things to your guests: where the dancefloor or bar is, where to place the gifts, and of course, your wedding hashtag. You can place signs with your hashtag subtly around the event such as:

  • At the bar: While guests sip on their favourite beverage, they’ll be reminded to share a photo with the hashtag!
  • In the restroom: Mirror selfies are such a thing! 
  • At each table: Make it a part of your table centerpiece.
  • In the entranceway: While it’s important to hit people on the way in with your hashtag, you’ll also notice people venturing in and out to get fresh air. Those guests will have lots of opportunities to see your hashtag and share it on social media.

Wedding Hashtag Inspiration 

Still not sure what you want to use for your wedding hashtag? Here are 20 ideas to get you started:

  1. #TogetherForever2022
  2. #ForevertheDysons
  3. #KickOff102023
  4. #WilsonNewlyWeds
  5. #MrAndMrsGranger
  6. #ForTheLoveOfGodfrey
  7. #ReadySetFranklins
  8. #HePutARingOnIt
  9. #LetTheAdventureBegin
  10. #GarciaForGood
  11. #MrAndMrsBrown
  12. #ItsMillerTime
  13. #SheChoseWright
  14. #TaylorMadeForEachother
  15. #MeAndMrsJones
  16. #TogetherInLoves
  17. #TheJackson2
  18. #ToHaveAndToHarris
  19. #TheTipOfTheIceBergs
  20. #MerryMartinsComing2023

Brides-to-be, if you still aren’t sure what direction you want to go with your hashtag, using a professional wedding hashtag writing service or a generator is the best way to go about it. After all, it’s a phrase, a sentiment, and a reflection of who you are as a couple!

Images: Wedding Hashers

17 Sep 2021

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