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The *Ultimate* Hair Removal Guide For The Bride-To-Be!

The *Ultimate* Hair Removal Guide For The Bride-To-Be!

One among the many things on a bride’s list is remaining fuzz free for her big day. While hair removal is something that is pretty much on every girl’s mind, come wedding time, it becomes a cause of panic because everyone wants to look polished but is apprehensive of any possible after effects. Worry not, we’ve done some research for you and this list will be all you need to know about you bridal hair removal regime.

1. Pick your go-to method

Do your research and know well in advance what works for you, be it threading, waxing, sugaring, shaving or laser. Everything doesn’t suit every one and you are the best judge of your skin’s needs (after your dermatologist, of course). Once you know what has worked for you, stick to it and avoid experimentation. When in doubt, ask a pro!

2. Start early enough

2 hair removal

While hair removal is something that is pretty high on most girls’ beauty list, make sure you have started well in advance. If you haven’t waxed/ threaded/ shaved an area before and are trying it for the first time for your wedding, do it in advance to avoid any unforeseen reaction. It is normal for your skin to react to a new procedure so give it some time to recover and adjust.


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3. Prep your skin well

Prepping your skin is extremely important for a super smooth finish. Make sure you have exfoliated your skin well and have kept it moisturised. Keeping it moisturised makes your skin less prone to scratches, cuts and pain. Use oils before your shower to seal in moisture so that your skin isn’t dry and patchy after your hair removal session.

4. Post hair removal care is crucial

4 hair removal

Just getting rid of the hair isn’t enough. You need to make sure that your skin is well cared for even afterwards so that the results are maximised. Make sure you don’t exfoliate or shower with hot water after a hair removal session. Your skin is already sensitive from all the plucking and pulling and this will only irritate it further. Stay away from direct sunlight as well! Be gentle with your skin and it will certainly show!


5. Know your waxes

For those of you who swear by waxing, do some research on the kind of wax that would suit you. You have soft waxes, hard waxes, cream-based waxes, strip less wax and more. The options are many, each to suit a different skin type. Try each of these well in advance to see what works best for you. Speak to your aesthetician who is well versed with this info and will be the best person to guide you!

6. Give laser a shot

6 hair removal

If you have enough time, say 6 months and some spare cash, laser is definitely worth a shot. The results are quite nice for thick and coarse hair types. It reduces hair growth almost permanently and helps a great deal with in-growth. Speak to your dermatologist to see if it is an option for your skin and hair type. If it is for you, it will save you a lots of hassle of regular waxes or bi-weekly shaving sessions and your skin will be way smoother than with any other method.

7. Skip the bleach

Lets face it, you aren’t fooling anyone. The fuzz shows and looks worse in sunlight when it glows blonde. Unless you have absolutely no choice, skip the bleach. It is your special day and you don’t want your pictures showing your face/ body covered with blonde fuzz. It looks extremely unnatural and no one is getting fooled by that!


8. Avoid anti-acne creams

8 hair removal

Hair removal makes your skin sensitive and anti-acne creams tends to thin your skin out a bit. Avoid anti-acne creams at least 2 days before and after your hair removal session to make sure your skin stays calm.

9. Never skip sunscreen

Your skin has been exfoliated via the waxing and shaving and the top layer has been sloughed off. So, show your skin some TLC and make sure you are super generous with your sunscreen. Fresh skin is more susceptible to sun damage so go the extra step and cover up completely even if you have used a sunscreen. You may think this is excessive but once you see how dewy and peachy you look on your big day, you’ll certainly think otherwise!

10. Home DIYs for best results

10 hair removal


Try using simple DIYs such as besan and haldi masks to slough of tiny hair and to maximise the results of your hair removal session. These actually work in removing little hair and work beautifully to give you a smooth finish.

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13 Apr 2017

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