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8 Simple Steps To Follow For Great Skin & Hair Just In Time For Your Post COVID Shaadi!

8 Simple Steps To Follow For Great Skin & Hair Just In Time For Your Post COVID Shaadi!

Hey soon-to-be brides! Here’s giving you a big virtual hug and lots of love. And now that we’re feeling the good vibes, let’s get started with some very helpful advice. With weddings getting rescheduled (or cancelled, in many cases) due to the coronavirus pandemic, we understand how frustrated and overwhelmed you must be feeling. Whether you’re a bride with a set wedding date or in the middle of a postponement, you do have a lot of unexpected time on your hands. So, instead of focusing on the list of things you can’t do, let’s focus on all that you can. Yup, we’re talking pre-wedding beauty routine. 

Now Is The Time To Invest In Yourself!

So what if you can’t visit the salon, there’s a lot you can do right at home. 

Create A Mood Board

Believe it or not, creating a mood board will help you. While the concept might sound a little time consuming, why not give it a shot when you do have that extra time. It can include everything – from the colours that flatter your skin tone to makeup products, hairstyles, hair accessories etc. The purpose of creating a mood board is to put a visual to your descriptions when you’re talking to your beauty team. As you start eliminating the ones that you don’t really like, you will begin to see consistency among the pictures that will convey your bridal style. 

A Virtual Trial


Once you’ve selected some bridal makeup looks, it’s time to share the pictures with your makeup artist and the hairstylist (virtually, if not in person). They will decipher the details for you so that you get an idea of how a particular style will look on you and if it’ll go with your outfits. While some brides have a very specific look in mind, others might want some help finalising it and this virtual consultation will help you get there.

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Catch Up On Your Sleep

As a bride, you might’ve been super busy with all the wedding preps in the pre-COVID-19 era so this is the time to compensate. Catch up on all the sleep that you’ve missed! Not giving your body the adequate amount of rest can take a toll on your skin and give you the dreaded dark circles. Plus, once the prep starts in full-mode again, there won’t be much rest time!

Stick To A Skincare Routine


Your skincare can either make or break your wedding day look. Of course, makeup is magic but having a good canvas is one of the important factors in achieving a great makeup look. Take advantage of this extra time and use hydrating masks regularly. Exfoliate your face at least twice a week to get rid of the dead skin and blackheads. You can also give chemicals a miss and go for some DIY face masks. ‘Coz the all-natural face masks are not only easy to make, but they are effective too.

Include Some Superfoods In Your Diet

From turmeric to yoghurt and even dark chocolate, there are several superfoods that a bride must include in her diet for better skin, hair and a healthy body. Click here to get all the info you need on superfoods that you must indulge in. Besides eating right, you must also keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Let Your Eyebrows Grow Out


If there’s ever been a time to grow out your eyebrows, this is it. Leave your brows alone for a while so that you have a fuller and natural brow for your makeup artist to work on.

Treat Your Lockdown Locks With Some Extra Love

Since you’re home these days, we recommend you skip styling your hair and embrace their natural texture. Treat your mane with a hair mask at least once a week and oil it before every wash. It’s also a great time to let your hair grow out before you get a trendy new haircut just before the D-day!

Exercise For That Glowing Skin


Besides eating foods that are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc (among others) and sticking to a skincare routine, exercising regularly is essential for your skin. Getting your heart rate up improves blood circulation which further promotes collagen production and new skin cells. All you have to do is set aside 30 minutes every day and exercise for the best skin ever. No excuses!

Well, it might not be the wedding prep you had expected, but implementing these tips will definitely make you feel you’re checking things off your to-do list while also giving you great skin and hair! 

Featured Image: Instagram/Deepika Padukone


20 Jul 2020

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