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Go Beyond Weight Loss: Green Tea Beauty Benefits That Every Bride Needs To Know!

Go Beyond Weight Loss: Green Tea Beauty Benefits That Every Bride Needs To Know!

Not many like the taste of green tea, but all swear by its umpteen health benefits! Apart from making you lose weight and regulating your blood supply, did you ever know that your everyday green tea has secret beauty benefits too? Interesting, isn’t it? From improving your skin complexion to treating acne and pigmentation, it does wonders to your skin. Here are all the green tea beauty benefits that a bride should know! Get your hands on a cuppa green, already!

1. Improves complexion

We know beauty is skin deep, but we all still want our skin to look flawless than it actually is! Green tea is enriched with antioxidants that help flush out skin impurities and toxins, making it glow from within.


2. Fights acne and pimples

2 green tea beauty benefits

That’s something we have been dealing with all our life, but we definitely don’t want one of those ugly heads to pop up just a day before the wedding! Green tea fights skin impurities that helps purify the blood, which eventually prevents acne and pimples.


3. Good bye puffy eyes

You don’t want to wake up with those puffy eyes on your wedding day, just like you did all those years! Green tea has antioxidants and tannins- a strong antioxidant that soothes your eye and makes you look fresh instantly.

4. Reduces dark circles

4 green tea beauty benefits


We know your makeup artist will hide all those dark circles you have been hating and striving to get rid off but there is nothing like flaunting your naturally gorgeous skin on your D day! The Vitamin K in green tea treats dark circles and gradually lightens them over time.

5. Helps you age gracefully

For all those brides who are already getting those jitters about ageing should definitely make green tea a habit. A small cup of green tea comes packed with anti ageing properties and minerals which will keep you looking youthful regardless of your age!


6. Au naturale scrub

6 green tea beauty benefits

Try mixing the dry green tea leaves or even the powdered one with some sugar, virgin olive oil and raw honey. Apply the paste on your face, gently massage it all over for 2-3 minutes and then wash it off. You will realize what a difference it makes to your skin when you try this natural scrub. Believe us, it is a miracle!


7. No more oily skin!

Tried all the possible brands to get oil free skin but none helped? Well, give all those fancy face washes and scrubs a break and sip on a cup of green tea instead. The antioxidants in the tea help control the sebum levels, gradually making your skin look shine free.

8. Prevents hair loss

8 green tea beauty benefits


Not just your skin, it also works wonders for your hair. The antioxidants boosts hair growth and also makes your mane look naturally healthy and luscious.

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30 Nov 2017
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