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Glittery Eyeliner Is The New Trend On Every Makeup Maven’s Radar

Glittery Eyeliner Is The New Trend On Every Makeup Maven’s Radar

Instagram is scintillating — courtesy of a trend that has MUAs spangling their lash lines with shimmer-drenched formulas. Think of it as a sprinkle of fairy-dust over your run-off-the-mill eyeliner — yup, we’re talking glitter-studded eyes. A Euphoria-like flick of shimmer sprawled out over the lids is one of the easiest ways to glamourise your look. Here’s what this trend is all about, and the different ways in which the people of the internet have interpreted it.

All That Glitters Is Golden…And Blue. And Purple.

This trend is a welcome switch-up from your jet-black flicks — adding a pop of resplendence to your look without overpowering the rest of your makeup. The secret to acing the trend, according to French MUA Violette, is to play around with razor-thin streaks instead of experimenting with anything too chunky or conspicuous. The MUA’s a fan of dipping a damp/wet brush into a pot of eyeshadow, and drawing cat-eye on either lid — she suggests tracing the lids close to the lash-line, and softening the edges with a little bit of (dry) shimmer-packed eyeshadow right above the eyeliner — before blending it into your crease ‘using your fingers as the oils in the skin melt the pigments.’

Pink Paradise

Notice how this MUA has layered her lids with a petal-pink lipstick and blended the pigment into the eyes until it has diffused into a lighter shade — and, then, she goes on to create a precise, fine-milled flick above the lash-line with a fine-tipped, gold-dipped brush. She has packed the inner corners with the colour too.

Sliver Of Silver

Draw a cat-eye flick, and frame it with a shade of silver before attaching a set of falsies to your lash line to capture the look. If you don’t have silver-coloured eyeliner, dip a (wet) brush into silver eyeshadow, and notice how the pigment adopts the consistency of an eyeliner.

Blue Bling

Play around with some blues — start off by lining the crease with a light shade of blue, and conclude the wing with a darker shade. You can also concentrate a little bit of a powder-based shimmery blue under the eyes.

Gold Rush

Another dreamy iteration of the trend. And who doesn’t want to be drenched in gold, right?

Glitter-Dipped Eyeliners To Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust Into Your Look

Which look are you going to recreate?

Featured Image: Pinterest

14 Aug 2022

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