Glittery Beauty Products To Give Your Festive Makeup Looks An Instant Upgrade

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Dec 23, 2021
Glittery Beauty Products To Give Your Festive Makeup Looks An Instant Upgrade


‘Tis finally the season to pile on the glitz. Holiday parties are right around the corner, and we cannot think of a better reason to add shimmer to our shimmy. It’s the one time of year where everything seems to sparkle – including our makeup routines. Whether you’re dreaming of a winter filled with metallic eyeshadows or a glittery manicure, there’s no shortage of potential glitzy beauty options.

We’ve been marveling at all the Instagram-ready glitter products crossing our timelines, so naturally, we are here to help you pick out the best of the best for all your holiday needs. From glistening eyeshadow palettes to lip gloss to body highlighters, shop all the shiny goods that’ll help you catch the light perfectly, even when you’re standing in a room full of glowing decorations.

Sparkle Away! These Are 9 Must-Have Beauty Products For Glitter-Obsessed Folks

For A Unicorn-Worthy Sheen

Not one for the faint-hearted: Here’s a highlighter that’ll beat all other highlighters. It has a multi-dimensional iridescent shade that will leave your cheeks with a mystical glow. Yup, it is highly possible that this purple-silver-pink highlighting liquid is your soulmate. Who needs Tinder, eh?

For A Pout Worth A Million Bucks

Since everything seems to circle back, the one beauty fad that’s making the rounds in 2021 is the iridescent, glossy lips. As much as we loved the look back when JLo and the Spice Girls were wearing it, the iterations sweeping the ‘gram right now are ultra-glam and are a great way to elevate even the most basic makeup look. The trend has spread like wildfire and the spotlight on glossy lips has been shining brighter than ever. Ready to take a time machine back to the ‘90s? Add this lip gloss to your cart ASAP.

Sparkly Digits 

No festive look is complete without this glittery nail paint kit. It’s perfect for trend-forward folks and is a legit game-changer. The clean formulas, chic colours, fun packaging all make it a must-buy. Gift this to your bestie and it’ll sure get you the award of the best gift-giver of all damn time.

Glow To The Gods

The role of a highlighter is to illuminate your face and give it a boost of radiance. We recommend opting for this lightweight highlighter that’s neither too textured nor too heavy. Creamy and liquid formulas work best for a glowing, dewy complexion. Just apply it on the inner corner of your eyes, on the brow bone, above the cheekbone, lips and the bridge of your nose to nail a model-esque glow.

A Full-On Dazzling Show

Remember smearing your face in piles of sparkly makeup as a child? Well, guess what, it’s time to enhance your eyes with the glitziest makeup products. This is hands-down the absolute best glitter eyeshadow palette you can buy right now. We love this for a long-wearing look or for a girls’-night-out. This will legit leave your eyes glimmering like a disco ball.

For A Show-Stopping Eye Makeup Look

Dab on a little bit of the M.A.C liquid dazzle shadow for a more sheer and subtle glittery eye makeup moment. Alternatively, you can layer it on for a more pigmented and bolder look. The formula is available in 7 neutral and bright colours and is perfect for trendsetters. Trust us, all eyes will be on you!

Celestial Glow

Want to look like you’ve just rolled around in a pool of fairy dust?  Then spritz this face-and-body shimmer spray from head-to-toe. And, we bet you’ll be shining so bright your folks would probably spot you from across a pitch-black house party. Add this to your cart to make a statement wherever you go.

Dose Of Diamond

Don’t be shy, add some more! Yes, add some more glittery shadow to your cart, because when is one ever enough?

For The Glitziest Mani

Dare we say this is the gold glitter polish to end all gold glitter polishes? The specks in this formula look as luxe as real gold, and no one has to know they’re not. The formula comes in 71 ridiculously gorgeous glittery shade that are perf for the party season.

Shine bright like a diamond!

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