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Stand Out: Let Your Pout Do The Talking With Shimmery Lip Gloss!

Stand Out: Let Your Pout Do The Talking With Shimmery Lip Gloss!

There was a time when I was crazy about bright matte lipsticks. I used to wear them to work events, parties and family get-togethers. A month ago all of that stopped. I guess it was a phase I was going through. From creamy matte shades, I now prefer shimmery lip gloss that is tinted. I like the way they make my lips feel – shiny, soft and moist.

Glittery & Shimmery Lip Gloss To Stand Out

Whether it’s a day or a night time occasion, the 10 glitter lip glosses that we have mentioned below will help to make your pout stand out from the crowd. Here have a look at them –

1. Lakme Absolute Plump And Shine Lip Gloss – Red Shine


Somewhere between a deep red and a dark raspberry shade, this shimmer lip gloss is perfect for the girl who wants to make a statement. This shade looks amazing when teamed with subtle make-up and a pretty off-shoulder dress.

Price: Rs 404. Buy it here.

2. M.A.C Dazzleglass Lipgloss – STOP! LOOK!

2 lip gloss M.A.C Dazzleglass Lipgloss - STOP! LOOK!

Doesn’t this glitter lip gloss look like a unicorn potion? It certainly does! A few reasons why you’ll love the gloss is because it’s non-sticky, lightweight and moisturises your lips to perfection. Plus it has a sweet scent to it.

Price: Rs 1,450. Buy it here.

3. Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss – Rose Shimmer 15

9 faces lip gloss

Go chic lip gloss is one of the best lip gloss. The shade of rose gives out romantic and feminine vibes. This shade will give your pout a light, pink finish and gives your lips a plumper look. Plus, the cute cylindrical bottle is too cute to pass.

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

4. L.A. Colors Pout Super Shine Lipgloss – Pucker Up

3 lip gloss la girl

From afar it looks like a lip tint, but it’s actually a glossier lip balm! It gives your lips an intense shine, it’s also a steal for the price. The shade that’s picked for you is a purplish-gold gloss that is designed to give your lips a subtle metallic finish.

Price: Rs 325. Buy it here.

5. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss – 210 Disco Ball

3 lip gloss loreal

If you feel like playing with colours, we have a shade for you! Nope, it’s not red or pink, it’s more of champagne. This one has a dazzling finish and has only one motive, to make your lips stand out, of course!

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

6. Colorbar Diamond Shine Lip Gloss – Nude Coral

6 lip gloss colorbar

When it doubt, pink coral! The one from Colorbar is bright, shiny and oh-so-pretty! Enriched with vitamin E and comforting oils, this shimmery lip gloss helps to hydrate and condition your lips. If you ask us, this one makes a sweet deal.

Price: Rs 675. Buy it here.

7. Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss – Pink Tulle

bobbi brown high shimmer gloss

Some women prefer to splurge on quality instead of quantity, if you fall into this category, we think that you’ll also fall in love with this glitter lip gloss. It’s rich in vitamins and will give your pout a pearly-pink coat.

Price: Rs 2,300. Buy it here.

8. The Balm Read My Lips Lip Gloss – KA-BANG!


Without uttering a word, you can make a statement if you have this lip gloss by your side. One application is enough to make a woman feel bold and confident in her own skin. Why don’t you give this baby a shot?

Price: Rs 2,300. Buy it here.

9. Lakme Lip Gloss – Bubble Gum

9 lip gloss lakme

This lip gloss comes in a tube and has a delicious scent to it. Making your pout look glamorous and juicy, this lip gloss is to be worn on dates and other romantic occasions. Trust us, because your lips look so tempting, your man won’t be able to take his eyes off them. *Wink*

Price: Rs 200. Buy it here.

10. Nicka K Diamond Glow Lip Gloss

Nicka K Diamond Glow Lip Gloss in the shade ‘cute’ is a beautiful colour that gives a natural tint on the lips. It is a glitter lip gloss but it is non-sticky and does not feel heavy on the lips. Also, it has a decent staying power and keeps the lips moisturized for a long time. 

Price: Rs 550. Buy it here. 

So, these were the best lip gloss that you can buy to let your pout do the talking.

Featured Image: Pexels

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26 Apr 2018

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