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Short On Time For Getting Ready This Pujo? This Is The Only Guide You Will Need!

Nayan DasNayan Das  |  Oct 16, 2018
Short On Time For Getting Ready This Pujo? This Is The Only Guide You Will Need!


It’s that time of the year again. Pandals are up all over town, roads are barricaded for vehicles, the swarm of people buzzing with excitement from the various discounts, and you have that overwhelming sensation in your gut to try all the street food.

This is the time of the year when we leave no stone unturned at looking our best. However,  with our busy lifestyles, making time to get ready for Durga Pujo can be challenging – but it’s not impossible! Here are some quick ways to make sure that you get ready in a jiffy for the Pujo.

1. Plan Your Outfits Beforehand

Running between work and attending Durga Pujo celebrations can be tiring, especially if you haven’t zeroed in on the outfits you want to wear. Make sure to spend a few moments the night before to sort your clothes, shoes and accessories. Mix and match between salwaars and saris or plan your look based on different colours of the different days. You could also #BringInSexyBack with those backless cholis!

2. A Bun In Time Saves Nine

There are two hairstyles for the Durga Pujo season that are easy to implement and very hard to get wrong – the open hair or a simple bun. Pick either of the styles based on your personal choice or your attire for the day. Ensure that you do a neat hairdo so that you look organised during the festivities of the Pujo.

3. Get Your Accessories Game On

No Pujo look is complete without pairing it with that perfect set of bangles, bindi or earrings. Matching the accessories according to your outfits beforehand will help cut last-minute scrambles. If pressed for time, you can also keep accessories to a minimum with only a simple bracelet and earrings. It works like a charm!

4. For Your Eyes Only

Being always on-the-go during Pujo days, looking into specific makeup details can seem challenging. For your Durga Pujo inspired look, your main emphasis should be on the eyes. Enhance the shadows and the natural shape of your eyes with neutral eyeshadows and then line your eyes with a black eyeliner or kohl. Finish off the look with the classic red lips and a red bindi.

5. Ditch the long parlour sessions

So you’ve planned to #BringInSexyBack with your backless cholis and sleeveless blouses during the Pujo days, and are thinking about a salon visit to look your best. However, it can take up way too much time, and cost a bomb.


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6. Slay It With The Sari

Your Durga Pujo look would be incomplete without the classic red and white sari, but we all know that draping one can be time-consuming. Save precious time by pre-pleating your sari the night before. Another easy hack is opting for a pant sari. Pair it with a sleeveless blouse or even a crop top which can easily double up as a blouse.


*This is a sponsored post for Veet.