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Chop It NOT: Ways To Get Rid Of Split Ends Without Compromising On Your Length!

Chop It NOT: Ways To Get Rid Of Split Ends Without Compromising On Your Length!

Split-ends: a two-word horror story. And what follows those words, is even worse. There is no stone large enough to put on your heart when you have to go and get your hair trimmed. A usual problem with every girl with long hair, split-ends occur due to dryness, usage of styling tools and harsh products. Before I begin though, I need to tell you the harsh truth – split-ends cannot be miraculously made whole again and if your situation is bad, YOU WILL have to go and get them chopped off. These steps are to tide you over so they don’t come back again or if you have a mild situation, then this is a temporary solution while you’re growing your hair out.

1. Gently comb damp hair.

1 split ends

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This is VERY important. I know there are times when you are out of patience and the tangles in your hair are just not something you’d like to deal with so you let it dry as it is and then think you will deal with those tangles after. But that damages your hair even further and actually results in breakage. So, make it a habit to resolve the tangles before you wash your hair and then brush your hair out gently with a wet brush or wide-tooth comb.


Get this: Wet Brush Lil’ Detangler (Rs 650); By Nature Neem Wood Wide Tooth Comb (Rs 215)

2. Stay away from heat.

Using heat styling tools on a regular basis without heat protection or with it can damage your strands. While I know some of us have to style our hair, try and use it as less as possible. And if you can go cold turkey and say no to heat, EVEN BETTER. Do not skip heavy heat protection if you absolutely have to style your hair with heat.

Get this: Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist : High Temperature Protection (Rs 638)

3. Do not skip leave-in conditioners.

3 split ends


I used to believe that if I used a conditioner in the shower, then I was done. Leave-in conditioners were for people who didn’t use regular conditioners. NO! This isn’t an optional product. Leave-in conditioners make sure your hair is conditioned even when it is dry. Application and reapplication in between washes and before brushing through your hair is very important for hair health.

Get this: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner (Rs 536)

4. Hydrate the ends as much as possible

The main cause for split-ends is lack of nourishment. So make sure you use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and focus it on the ends. Apart from that, in between washes and salon appointments, make sure you apply a hydrating serum onto your ends.

Get this: Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Hydrating Masque (Rs 466); Organix Anti-Frizz Hydrating Kukui Oil (Rs 689)


5. Say no to chemical treatments.

5 split ends

Harsh chemical treatments can also damage the hair in a way that it leads to split-ends. Reduce the frequency of chemical-induced treatments like colouring or smoothing. If you can wean off them for a while, that would be even better. Oil your hair once a week or go in for a hair spa to rejuvenate your strands every now and then.

Get this: Nyassa Hair Oil (Rs 300)

6. Try this at home.

Okay so if you don’t want to forego the length but still want a permanent solution to split-ends, you can give yourself a DIY trim. This trick only rids your hair of split-ends and nothing else. Take small sections of your hair and twist them tightly from root to tip. When you do this, you will notice them popping up like antennas. Use a clipper and trim the split-ends off.


Get this: Hairpro HP 5160 Fashion Hair Cutting Scissors (Rs 1,120)

7. Get regular trims.

7 split ends

This was inevitable, you knew I was going to say this. Getting regular trims is your ONLY answer to keep split-ends at bay for good. So just go for a small one every 4 weeks and you will have shiny, healthy, bouncy hair! Make sure you also use products that strengthen and hydrate your hair in between these trim sessions.

Get this: Richfeel Hair Strengthening Combo Kit (Rs 797)


Bonus tip: Sleep on a satin pillowcase! It minimises breakage and is good for your skin too. It’s a double whammy!

03 Nov 2017

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