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6 Lip Balm Hacks That You’d Wish You Knew Sooner

6 Lip Balm Hacks That You’d Wish You Knew Sooner

Have you ever gone a day without lip balm and not regretted it? If you are someone who doesn’t drink enough water daily, you probably have already secured a permanent place for this trusted lip product in your beauty routine and purse. It’s no secret that your lipstick cannot live up to its full potential without a lip balm backing it up. A lip balm will nourish and prep your lips for colour and ensure your lipstick sits comfortably on your skin all day long. Although, your lip balm can do more than just that.

In situations when you forget to carry your go-to makeup products like blush or a brow gel, or you simply just ran out of your favourite highlighter, your lip balm can step in to save the day. Here are some nifty hacks with a lip balm that will make you fall in love with this product all over again.

Genius Beauty Hacks Using Lip Balm

It can do more than just hydrate your lips! 


As A Highlighter

When you crave that dewy glow, but realise you are all out of your favourite highlighter, let your lip balm lend you that sheen instead. Clear or tinted, it doesn’t matter. Just swipe and dab lip balm on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. You will notice a gorgeous glow just like the effect of a highlighter. If you want to boost the staying power of your regular powder highlighter, you could also use your lip balm as a base and then dab on the powder highlighter. It works both ways and the results are beautiful. 

For Glossy Lids

Are you a fan of glossy lids? Try using your lip balm to achieve the look. You can go in with a clear balm or a tinted balm to ace an effortless eye look to go with your bold lips. For a more custom pigmented effect, use the balm as a base and press on an eyeshadow or loose powder pigment and behold that luxe effect.


Brow Gel Replacement

You can’t let your brows look shabby even if you are happy with how thick or thin they are. While brow products are non-negotiable for many makeup mavens, there could be times when you just use up your favourite brow mascara or pencil and wonder what can be done to make up for this dire loss. Well, your lip balm can serve as a brow gel without any compromise. It won’t add pigment to your brows, but it will help your brows stay brushed up and in place, just like a supermodel. Apply the lip balm to your brows and brush it upwards and outwards with a spoolie brush. The balm will also give your brows a healthy shine which is a plus point.

To Control Flyaways

If your sleek ponytail decides to go rogue, reach for your lip balm to tame those flyaways. Use the lip balm just like you would a hair gel or pomade. Take a dab of the balm and smooth it over the flyaways to set them in place. You will find this to be a total saviour hack.


As A Cuticle Treatment

Ignored your cuticles for too long? Don’t leave them in bad condition even if you can’t avail a manicure right away. Use your lip balm to moisturise your cuticles so as to avoid dryness and chapped skin on the go.

For Makeup Correcting

This is one way to correct your eyeliner or mascara mishaps without having to do your makeup all over again. If you are dealing with an accidental smudge, use lip balm to correct it instead as makeup removers usually come in liquid form and are tricky to control.

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After discovering all these cool hacks, we bet you’re probably kissing your lip balm right now!

Featured Image: Pexels

23 Sep 2021

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