Feeling Lit: Liquid Highlighter Hacks That’ll Make You Glow Brighter Than Sunshine

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Jun 29, 2020
Feeling Lit: Liquid Highlighter Hacks That’ll Make You Glow Brighter Than Sunshine


Remember those glorious school days when teachers used to ask us to highlight the important parts of the textbook? Who knew that would become my most favourite part about doing makeup? The only difference(s) now is that my bright neon highlighter pen has been replaced by my fave Makeup Revolution highlighter and the only important thing I highlight nowadays is my face!

As much as I love swirling my makeup brush in a highlighter pan, I always prefer using a liquid highlighter on my face. It’s not only more impactful on the skin, but there are so many other ways for you to use it till its last drop ✨

Blind Your Haters With A Liquid Highlighter

For that *wet, dripping diamond* lewk, always use a liquid highlighter. It’s easier to dab into the skin, move around (before it dries up), the impact is buildable and you can always use it in other ways:

Are You A Metal Fan?

Admit it, metallic lipsticks are not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it can look like you made out with the Tin Man if you choose a colour that doesn’t compliment your skin tone! But don’t worry, we can always hack it! 

After applying your lip balm/lipstick, add a few drops of a liquid highlighter on your lips and buff it out and voila, your custom #DIY metallic lipstick is ready to be shown off.

Head To Toe Glow

Don’t you love the energy you feel after you’ve highlighted your gorgeous face? Imagine how would you feel if your entire body was glowing like the Gods!

Take your favourite body lotion and add a few drops (or if you’re extra like me, empty out the bottle) of a liquid highlighter to it. Shake it for a minute and your DIY #ShimmerLotion is ready to be slathered all over your body.

#ProTip: If the highlighter doesn’t mix well with the lotion, add a few drops of body oil in it, shake well and leave it for a few hours.

Sparkle On My Eyes

Doing a glittery eye can be very daunting, especially if you have very little experience working with glitter pigments. But don’t you worry as your fave liquid highlighter can do just the trick.

You can highlight your eyes in two wonderful ways:

1) Apply an eye primer and then a few drops of highlighter on your lids. Let it dry and your shiny, glossy eyes are ready to make a statement.

2) After you’re done with your eye makeup, add a few drops of liquid highlighter on your lids for a dramatic effect.

Make sure you use a duo-chromatic or super shiny one so that when the light hits your lids, it reflects beautifully.

Dew You Love Me?

If you’re not all about mattes, you’ll love this makeup hack. To achieve the dewy look of your dreams, apply a thin layer of a liquid highlighter all over your face and neck, before applying foundation.

This will give you a natural *lit from within look* and completely change the way you apply makeup!

Oil It Up

Ever since Miss Rihanna came out with her range of body oils and shimmers, the entire world wants to try out the hottest new trend. While it’s not for everybody, we all wanna try it once, right? So why shell out the big bucks when you can easily #DIY?!

Pour out a few drops of your liquid highlighter on your palm and mix a few drops of body oil in it and apply it on your legs, arms, shoulder, and neck.

Your vacay picture just got lit!

Ready to shine bright like a diamond? 😉

Featured Image: Instagram