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Gauahar Khan Opens Up About Her Struggling Days & We Are So Mad At These B-Town Filmmakers

Gauahar Khan Opens Up About Her Struggling Days & We Are So Mad At These B-Town Filmmakers

Recently, Vidya Balan shared some horrible things a bunch of incompetent Bollywood producers told her and it shocked us completely. It’s a shame that there are such people in the entertainment industry who can destroy an actress’s self-confidence to just feel better about themselves. But sadly, it’s a common practice in Bollywood. Another celeb has opened up about the time when filmmakers have made her feel inferior for no reason at all. We’re talking about Gauahar Khan and the offensive things she had to suffer during the initial days of her career.

While talking to a leading daily, the actress shared that she’s not usually the one to dwell on the bitter past. While we love this attitude, we’re glad that Gauahar made an exception and revealed the crazy things she was told before becoming a successful actress. During her struggling days, she was offered a big-budget Bollywood movie that could have been her debut in the industry. But, she was dropped from the film unprofessionally and the producer signed another star after fixing a ‘muhurat‘ (an auspicious day according to astrology). She said, “They kept hanging [up on] me, and then they just dropped me. The muhurat was done with someone else. Thank God, it wasn’t my debut. I’ve had crazy experiences that I don’t want to recollect. I’m never bitter about it though.”


Here’s our question for Bollywood filmmakers—why can’t they just be decent and honest while signing people for their movies? How hard is it for someone to do the bare minimum and not lead on an actor unnecessarily? Apparently, way too much! Gauahar revealed that there were a few producers who undermined her talent and discouraged her from becoming an actress. “You really think that koi producer tumhe welcome karega aur bolega tumhe leke picture banata hoon?’, ‘Tumhe kya lagta hai tum Madhuri Dixit ho?” Well, she’s not Madhuri Dixit, she’s Gauahar Khan. It’s high time that Indian filmmakers stop comparing one star to another and start respecting everyone’s individuality.

The Tandav actress shared another incident when she was straight out rejected for a movie because her stars didn’t impress a producer’s pandit ji. Surprisingly, this filmmaker has made National-award winning films and blockbuster movies. Now, while we do not have an issue with people’s personal beliefs, we do have a problem with what followed next. Gauahar was called to his office and told that she would never be successful in Bollywood and all we want to say is, WTF?


While talking about that producer, Gauahar said, “He took my date of birth and other information, saying that he doesn’t do anything without his panditji’s suggestions. I was called 10 days later only to be told, ‘You’ll never make it in the industry, you’ll never become an actress. Even if you do, you’ll only do shady and sidey roles.’” Well, dear producer, who’s laughing now? Thankfully, the actress didn’t let his rude words get to her and said, “I was just 22 then, but I still had confidence in myself, so I told him to watch me.”

Well, the world has witnessed Gauahar giving one amazing performance after the other and we’re so glad. Her role in Amazon Prime’s web series Bestseller was every bit amazing and we cannot wait for her upcoming projects.

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22 Mar 2022

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