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Gauahar Khan Reveals She Lost A Role In Slumdog Millionaire For This Reason & We’re Shocked

Gauahar Khan Reveals She Lost A Role In Slumdog Millionaire For This Reason & We’re Shocked

NGL, we have loved Gauahar Khan and her charming personality ever since she appeared on Bigg Boss 7. And after she made her silver screen debut with movies like Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year and Begum Jaan, we were also hella impressed by her superior acting skills. So when the actress recently opened up about not getting a role in a movie for this bizarre reason, we could not help but be hella surprised.  


Speaking to a media portal, Gauahar said she lost out on the role of a lifetime for being ‘too good looking’. That’s right–the actress auditioned multiple times for Slumdog Millionaire, before the director Danny Boyle said she can’t be a part of his project because she doesn’t look like she’s from the slums. TBH, we can’t believe this happened!

Gauahar narrated the conversation between her and Danny. “After the fifth round he (Danny) said ‘you’re a fantastic actor, are you sure you’re trained in India?’ At that time, I had hardly any experience, and I said ‘I’ve trained in India’. He said, ‘You speak like an actor who is from out of India, not from India, so how do you have this experience?’ and to that I said ‘sir I don’t know, I just try and do it every single day’,” the actress chuckled.

Gauahar further added, “Danny also said ‘you are such a fab actor but somehow I won’t be able to cast you here because I have to match three age groups and I can’t place you in a slum with your face. I said, ‘I can be in a slum, try me’.” 

While we’re stunned that Gauahar was rejected because of this reason, the actress seemed to have moved on and felt nothing but grateful. She said, “I have no regrets about it, because I met Danny Boyle and he thought I was a great actor and that is amazing in itself.” She ended the conversation by saying she is now ‘very happy’ that she was getting roles where the directors felt they ‘needed a performance’.

If you ask us, we hope to see Gauahar in many new roles where she can bring everything she has to the table–her good looks and her captivating acting skills.

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01 Jul 2022

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