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15 Gajra Hairstyles That You Can Pull Off With Any Indian Outfit!

15 Gajra Hairstyles That You Can Pull Off With Any Indian Outfit!



We know that there are a hell lot of things to look after when it comes to your wedding or even attending one. From the perfect attire to flawless makeup, everything holds its own importance. But what about hair? A stunning and in-trend hairstyle is a part of your overall look too. Be it dazzling ornaments in your hair or adorning them with a simple gajra or mogra flowers, your hair accessories should be perfect. 

So, when we started looking through Pinterest and Instagram to give you inspirations for some amazing hairstyles, we literally got obsessed with gajra. Who thought that something as simple as gajra can be used in so many different ways and look that beautiful? Well, here are some ways in which you can incorporate gajra in your hairstyle – bridal and non-bridal.

Check them out!

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Gajra Bun Hairstyles


What is the first hairstyle that comes to mind when you think of adorning your hair with gajra? The answer is buns. Yes, and why not? Buns are not only easy to pull off, but they also go with every attire you could possibly be wearing at a wedding – be it a saree, a suit, a sharara or a lehenga.

Here are some gajra hairstyles bun that would look stunning: 

  • Circle It Around Your Simple Bun
  • Cover That Bun With Gajra
  • What About A Jaalidaar Mogra
  • Half Gajra Under The Bun

Circle It Around Your Simple Bun

Gajra hairstyle images - Bun



For girls who love to keep it simple, you can go for a simple bun and then wrap a single or double string gajra around it. Believe us, you will look gorgeous. You can do it with a messy bun hairstyle with gajra as well as a low sleek bun. Such gajra hairstyles look stunning with Banarasi sarees.

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Cover That Bun With Gajra

Covered Bun Gajra hairstyle image



Rather than using just a string, you can also cover up your entire bun with the gajra for a decked up look. Trust us, try this one to make heads turn at the next wedding you attend. The addition of baby’s-breath looks so fresh and gorgeous in this one. Try this hairstyle with saree, sharara or lehenga. 

What About A Jaalidaar Mogra?

gajra hairstyle bun image - jaalidaar Mogra



This is another simple yet gorgeous way of decorating your bun with gajra. Get a beautiful gajra net made and adorn your bun with it. If you like, you can also do it with colourful gajra rather than going for all white.

Half Gajra Under The Bun

Half gajra bun hairstyle image



This gajra bun hairstyle is super chic and will look oh-so-gorgeous with a Banarasi saree. Get a messy bun hairdo with or without a middle partition and decorate your juda with a half-moon-style gajra and make a nice gajra juda with your hair.

Gajra Braid Hairstyles

If you don’t want to go for a bun but still want to use gajra in your hair, don’t worry! You can also style your hair into a braid and decorate it with gajra

  • Twirl It Around Your Braid 
  • Adorn Your Bubble Braid With Gajra Strings
  • Criss-Cross Gajra Along The Braid

Twirl It Around Your Braid

Twirl braid gajra hairstyle


Go for a simple braid with any kind of front styling you want and twirl long strings of gajra around it. Whether you’re wearing a suit or a lehenga, adorning it with gajra is not only the simplest way, it looks stunning as well.

Adorn Your Bubble Braid With Gajra Strings

gajra hairstyle image - Bubble braid with gajra string


If you’re thinking that you can adorn a normal or a fishtail braid with gajra, you’re wrong. Go for something as pretty as a messy bubble braid and put little strings of gajra at intervals. Believe it or not, it will look amazing.

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Criss-Cross Gajra Along The Braid

Criss -cross gajra braid hairstyle


Just like Sonam Kapoor, you can also decorate your long braid with gajra in a criss-cross style. Accessorise your hairdo with chain earrings and voila, you’re shaadi-ready for your bestie’s wedding.

Gajra Hairstyles For Open Hair

Who said you can only use gajra only when you’re tying up your hair in some complicated hairdo? You can decorate your hair with gajra when you want to leave your hair open as well. Here are some hairstyles with gajra for open hair. Check them out!

  • Use Gajra As A Clip
  • Try Hanging The Gajra


Use Gajra As A Clip

Gajra Used as a clip - gajra hairstyles


When in doubt, we usually tend to go for soft curls and then half-tie our hair. While some girls like to use hair accessories to jazz up the hairdo, some like to keep it simple. How about using gajra strings instead of a hairclip. Believe it or not, it will look classy AF.

Try Hanging The Gajra

gajra hairstyle image - Gajra hanging on long hair


This gajra hairstyle for open hair is so easy that you can do it yourself too. Just make a half updo and secure it with pins. Then all you have to do is hang a gajra to either one side of your head or both the sides. This will make you look simple and elegant.

Gajra Hairstyles For Long Hair

Gajra has been a part of the Indian legacy since forever, but girls these days are wearing gajras in their hair in unconventional ways. While you might have seen a number of gorgeous hairstyles, here are some that will look even better if you have long hair. Here are some gajra hairstyles for long hair.  

  • Incorporate Gajra With Hair Ornaments For Your Bun 
  • Jazz Up Your Soft Curls With Gajra 
  • Add It As A Mogra Veni To Your South Indian Braid 

Incorporate Gajra With Hair Ornaments For Your Bun

Gajra on long hair used as an ornament for bun


Just because you want to use a gajra, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use anything else. You can also team the gajra string with roses or other hair accessories to go all glam. All you have to do is go for a messy or simple bun and wrap the gajra + hair accessory string around it.

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Jazz Up Your Soft Curls With Gajra

Gajra used on soft curl for long hair


If you have beautiful long hair and you’d rather flaunt them than tie them up in a bun, then this gajra hairstyle is for you. Ask your hairstylist to give you soft curls and half tie them in any stylish way you want. You can then put white or colourful mogra flowers at intervals to decorate your long luscious hair. Isn’t this looking beautiful?

Add It As A Mogra Veni To Your South Indian Braid

Gajra used as Mogra veni for south indian bride long hair


Mogra veni is one of the most popular ways of decorating the braid of a South Indian girl, especially the brides. Even if you’re using mogra veni (which are available in many colours), you can use other hair accessories such as phooljada or nagajada to further take it to the next level. If you’re a South Indian bride, you have to go for this gajra hairstyle.

Gajra Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you’re thinking that you might never be able to use gajra in your short hair, you’re wrong. Well, we understand that there might not be that many options available but with us, you’ll always find a solution. Here are some hairdos:

  • Wear It As A Maathapatti
  • Something Unique Like Gajra Dupatta
  • A Low Bun Covered With Gajra Weaved Inside It 

Wear It As A Maathapatti

maathapatti - gajra hairstyle for short hair


There are so many different options these days as far as maathapattis are concerned – from floral to gotapatti designs, and they are so in trend. So, if you’re thinking about wearing a maathapatti at your bestie’s upcoming wedding, why not wear a gajra maathapatti? You can easily rock this look at her mehendi/haldi ceremony along with a suit or a lehenga.

Something Unique Like Gajra Dupatta?

gajra hairstyle image of girl with gajra dupatta on short hair


If you want all eyes on you at your sister’s wedding, go for a gajra duapatta. Never heard of it? Well, get two gajra dupattas made for you and your sister and be ready to do some twinning at her chura ceremony. And if you’re a bride yourself, go for this at your haldi/sagan ceremony and voila, you’ve got yourself all the compliments.

A Low Bun Covered With Gajra Weaved Inside It

A low bun with gajra wave gajra hairstyle


Instead of hair extensions, why not use gajra as an extension and ask your hairstylist to weave your hair and gajra into a beautiful bun? This will look elegant and will go with every attire, so don’t worry about selecting an outfit and pick up anything.

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So girls, picked your favourite gajra hairstyle for a wedding yet?

Featured Image: Instagram/Pinterest


28 Apr 2020

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