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#RelationshipGoals: 10 Hilarious Moments That All Couples Will Relate To

#RelationshipGoals: 10 Hilarious Moments That All Couples Will Relate To

Girls, we all know that relationships can be hard work. But for the aspirational element imbued in us by watching scores of rom-coms, we sure as heck love being in love. The best part is constantly discovering quirks of your partner even after years of being together! It brings you closer (maybe too close) to each other, especially if they’re awkward situations that make you break into fits of giggles even in moments of dire embarrassment. Here are some funny relationship moments that’s going to make you and your loved one go “OMG SO US!”

1. The first unsuspecting fart

You try your best to hold it in, but the resulting toot makes its way out! Two seconds of awkward silence later, you’re rolling on the floor laughing at, what’s soon to become, a comfortable life of several such moments.

1 funny relationship moments - farting around each other

2. Sexy time turning into disasters

He falls off the bed. The condom goes flying. You scream ‘LEG CRAMP!’ instead of his name. There’s no end to the hilarity that ensues in the bedroom when you’ve achieved highest levels of comfort with your love. And you don’t mind it one bit!

3. Witnessing guilty pleasures

You walk into the room and see him shake that booty to ‘Oonchi hai building’ and erupt in laughter as he stands there, totally busted. Or when he discovers your tone deaf braying in the shower, as you sing your heart out, not knowing he’s around. Don’t lie, you know you’re guilty!

3 funny relationship moments - dancing alone

4. Knowing you’ve attained BFF stage of the relationship

When you’re conversing with different groups of people at the party and catch their eye from across the room, telepathically asking you to save them. Or that sly side-eye you both give each other when you’re sharing an inside joke and start laughing at the same time, thoroughly confusing others at the dinner table with your behaviour. #Goals achieved, right there.

5. Getting interrupted mid-fight

We all know of the time when we were in a heated argument with our partners and suddenly they’ve said something hilariously inappropriate that you can’t pretend never happened. Never mind what the fight was about anymore because both of you are trying to hold back your chuckles and fail miserably!

5 funny relationship moments - fighting

6. Achieving new levels of weirdness

Remember the time you’d be paranoid about getting sauces and crumbs over on your first couple of dates because you were afraid of what they’d think? That definitely went flying out the window as you now shove whole pizza slices in your mouth and have burping competitions to see who does it better.

7. Getting innovative with nicknames

Nobody else gets it, but you both know exactly why he’s called ‘Pickle Hog’ or why you can never hear the word ‘Bubblegum’ without giggling like an idiot. And as time passes, you start developing a language of your own that makes you so incredibly happy to have found someone you can be weird with, and not be judged.

7 funny relationship moments - lillypad and marshmallow

8. Inappropriate jokes

Yes, we’ve all done it. You may be quite the diplomat in your profession, and while you’re out there making an impression with people you’ve just met. But when it comes to your partner, the dirtiest cuss words, pettiest comments, and the most socially unacceptable phrases are free-flowing and hilarious. Guilty as charged!

9. Getting too close for comfort

As a relationship matures, your sense of personal boundary is known to vanish. From initially coming out of the shower fully dressed, to now brushing your teeth together in your underwear and walking around naked, your comfort level has peaked, as a couple. Discussing your bowel movements has never been this interesting, thanks to your bae!

9 funny relationship moments - ranbir kapoor towel

10. Meeting the folks

The moment you realize your relationship is going to take a scary but hysterical turn is when you finally decide to introduce them to your family. Embarrassing childhood photographs, awkward polite conversations with the elders, funny anecdotes of their relationship – they’re all going to be making an appearance and you take it all in with a pinch (or a bucket) of salt!

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03 Sep 2017

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