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“Me TOO!” 23 Random Things We’ve All Googled At Least Once!

There’s a reason Google has come to be known as “Google Baba”. We mean, what else would you call a portal that answers ALL your questions? The security of not asking an actual person and being judged by them makes us do silly things, does it not? Now, now – don’t act like you haven’t Googled anything stupid, EVER! We’re not judging you. In fact, we’ve got, right here, a list of 23 silly things we’ve ALL Googled at least once in our lives.

1. What does Bae/Swag/Totes mean?

Trust us, you’re on the same page as everyone else.

funny google searches

2. What is a Belieber?

A Justin Bieber fan, duh! Okay, no. It’s cool to not know.

funny google searches

3. How to touch your nose with your tongue?

Wait, is that even possible?

funny google searches

4. What to do when you are getting bored?

Google some more random stuff, of course! And read THIS.

5. How to make my boobs look bigger?

Be proud of what you have, we say!

funny google searches

6. Does size really matter?

Well, the size of his heart does. #JustSayin

7. How to masturbate?

Haah! See, the irony is, the answer lies within yourself. 😉

funny google searches

8. What is the meaning of life?

So deep, man! If it helps, we don’t think anyone knows the exact answer to that. 🙂

funny google searches

9. What is Kim Kardashian’s job?

LOL. You tell us when you know, okay?

10. Can I get an STD from kissing?

The answer is YES, people. Yes.

11. How to twerk?

We’d recommend you consult Miley Cyrus! 😛

funny google searches

12. How to lose weight without exercising?

If only we were living in an ideal world! No pain, no gain, ladies!

13. Where is God?

Here. There. Everywhere. Somewhere. Oh, God!

funny google searches

14. Why hasn’t he texted me yet?

Maybe he’s just away from his phone. Deep breaths. Deep breaths!

15. *Your own name*

Face it, we’ve ALL done that!

funny google searches

16. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The chicken. No. The egg. No. Both?

17. How to use a tampon?

Now, THAT doubt is legit! Which is why we tell you everything you need to know about tampons right here.

funny google searches

18. What is GOT?

Game Of Thrones. Move with the world, please!

19. Why does the internet love cats?

Coz it just does. No questions asked. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr. :3

funny google searches

20. How to tell if my crush likes me?

Well, you’ll just have to watch out for those little signs yourself!

21. Do unicorns/dragons actually exist?

In a parallel universe, maybe!

funny google searches

22. Does sex hurt the first time?

Yes. Maybe. No. Depends.

23. How to tell if I am pregnant?

We get it – this phase CAN be scary. Don’t fret, yet. Just gather up courage and take a home pregnancy test!


Images: tumblr.com, giphy.commyfansocial.comsheldonsfans.com

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05 May 2016

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