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10 Sneaky Tricks To Burn Those Calories – Without Noticing It!

10 Sneaky Tricks To Burn Those Calories – Without Noticing It!

Dear girls,

As much as we want a fitter body, the idea of going to the gym sort of sucks – well, for most of us. Why not try a fun workout regime at home? Trust me, it’s quick, fun and painless (well, almost!). Plus, it won’t really feel like a workout and yet would do wonders for your body!

1. Lunge your way to the kitchen

Walking lunges to the kitchen each time, instead of just walking, will make you feel like you are really earning the food you’re about to eat. Besides, lunges work miraculously to give you more toned, hotter legs and a well shaped bum. So the toil will pay off, I promise!

2. Step-ups holding a water bottle

Who knew the chair had other uses! Any wooden chair at home can be used to do step ups. P.S: It’s an excellent workout for your bum!

3. Zumba workouts on YouTube

Subscribe to a fun Youtube Zumba channel and groove to some sassy songs, giving your body some super fun filled cardio doses. Not only will you drop a few kilos, but dancing is also a great way to destress! My personal favorite channels are Soul to Sole and Fitness Marshall.

3 fun ways to workout

4. Plank during TV ads

Hold a plank each time the TV commercials play and get an inch closer to having a bikini body. Now you’ll have a newfound reason for those irritating, mind numbing T.V. commercials to end quickly!

5. Squat during songs

Crazy about Bollywood movies? Just mix entertainment and fitness by doing squats during the songs that play during movies. And trust me, the results would definitely be rewarding!

6. Keep Stair-ing!

Did you know something as simple as taking the stairs instead of an elevator can make a huge difference in your fitness levels? Do this regularly, and soon you’ll make everyone go “Wooaahhh”, each time they look at those to-die-for legs!!!

6 fun ways to workout

7. Dumbbell Curls

Tone your arms by doing dumbbell curls with a water bottle (filled with water) in each hand and keep increasing the number of repetitions over time or just do it every time you open the fridge! In no time, you’ll be saying “Hello Sexy Arms!”

8. Walkin’ Talkin’

Spend hours over the phone discussing the new cute boy at work or catching up on gossip updates? Why curl onto your couch with the phone, when you can burn some calories by walking and talking.

9. Fitness Challenges

If you enjoy a good challenge and like to compete with yourself, then you can simply take on one of the multiple fitness challenges available online – and give yourself an exciting full body workout!

9 fun ways to workout

10. Wall Sits!

Just spend a few minutes (starting with 30 seconds and building up slowly) everyday doing wall sits. Plus, this can be easily done while watching T.V., talking on the phone or just about anything. And if you’re regular enough, you’ll be flaunting really toned legs in those hot pants or that skirt you’ve been dying to wear!

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04 Aug 2016

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