#KhayalRakhna: Missing Your Bestie? 6 Fun Ways To Virtually Keep Each Other’s Spirits Up

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Jun 2, 2021
#KhayalRakhna: Missing Your Bestie? 6 Fun Ways To Virtually Keep Each Other’s Spirits Up


Staying indoors is the need of the hour right now. It’s how we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. But it’s also okay to acknowledge that the lockdown might be making a lot of us feel low. After all, it’s not easy to remain indoors for months without seeing our friends! So if you’re missing your BFFs, worry not, we’ve got some tips for some exciting things to do together! Who says you need to be next to each other to have fun? Read on to try them!

Play Virtual Multiplayer Games

Remember how everyone was playing Ludo during the lockdown last year? Well, why not play virtual games with your friends again? They’re a great option for when you don’t want to talk on the phone but still feel like spending time with each other. If you’re not a fan of Ludo, there are plenty of other games to choose from—monopoly, chess, taboo—you name it, and you’ll find its virtual version!

Have A Movie Marathon


Binge-watching our favourite movies together and discussing them afterwards is one of our favourite things to do with our BFFs! Well, lockdown or not, who says you still can’t do it? Thanks to apps like Rabbit, Syncplay and Watch2gether, we can virtually watch a show with someone (or a group) at the same time! So get on a video call, put on your favourite movie or show and binge watch away with your besties!

Host An Online Dinner!

Every friend group has one activity they love doing together—eating! Whether it’s cooking scrumptious meals at home or indulging at our favourite restaurants, eating together is a great bonding activity. So why pause it during the lockdown? You could host a virtual dinner party, where everyone orders their favourite food and drinks and sit and gossip together as you eat! Doesn’t it sound like fun?

Start A Book Club


Books are a fun way to escape when we are sick of binge-watching. And what’s better than finally finishing that book you’ve been reading for days? Discussing all the deets with your BFF of course! So pick a book everyone will enjoy, and host a virtual book club once everyone is finished reading it. Snacks are optional but highly recommended!

Create A Podcast

Talking to your friends about the highs and lows of life right now lifts a load off us. What if you recorded all the great discussions you have and put it out there for everyone to listen to? Recording a podcast is easy—and you can totally do it virtually! Besides it being a great creative outlet, you might actually end up helping people who don’t have anyone to talk to.

Work Out Together


Endless studies have proven time and again that exercising is great not only for our physical health, but our mental well being too. And there’s no better time to start working out at home, thanks to the unlimited number of free workout videos available online. And you know what’ll make it better? Having a workout buddy! You can keep each other motivated and a workout seems a lot more fun when you have someone to do it with. So pick a routine, video call a friend, and get moving! 

We hope these fun activities will help you sail through this tough time. Until you can see your friends again—#KhayalRakhna, stay home and stay safe!

Featured Image: Pexels

This article is part of a social initiative called #KhayalRakhna by Philips. We hope to provide you with some comfort, relief and guidance as we power through these tough times. If you are finding it hard to cope, we encourage you to get in touch with a mental health professional.