8 FUN Things To Do With Your Sister Before She Gets Married!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
8 FUN Things To Do With Your Sister Before She Gets Married!


Watching your sister sit in her doli and move to a new home is the hardest part. Before the wedding madness takes over, you should take some time out, just the two of you! Here are fun things to do with your sister before her wedding to make this time extra-special!

1. Chalo ghumne chalein!

Take a sisters-only trip! A road trip to an exotic location a couple of days’ drive from home is just what you need for your endless conversations! The yummy food at roadside dhabas makes it even better! Or why not do something totally crazy before your sister ends her singlehood? Think parasailing, bungee jumping or scuba diving – anything that’s been on both your bucket lists.

sister getting married

2. Scrapbook your love!

Get out all your baby albums, pics from the first day of school, teenage birthday parties, the family trip you still talk about, the one with the first crush – and make a scrapbook! Write down little notes next to the pictures and decorate them with cute motifs! It’ll be so much fun to go back to all those memories! It also is the perfect wedding gift for your sister.

3. Pretty me, pretty you 🙂

It’s spa time, ladies! Book an entire day of services at your favourite spa or salon! A relaxing massage followed by steam bath and then a pedi. It’s the perfect way to calm down those wedding nerves and the emotional spin you’re both feeling.

4. Your very own pajama party

Remember as kids the nights when you both just didn’t feel like sleeping? The moment Mum  and Dad switched off the lights, you would both kickstart your own party! Why not do that again? This used to be a Saturday night ritual for my sister and me! We would make a big bowl of Maggi and a jug of nimbu pani, put on some fun music and do crazy things. Our favourite? Dressing each other up as our favourite fairytale characters and try out crazy new hairstyles!

sister getting married

5. Mummy Papa ke liye

You know they are going through their own emotional ups and downs right now. Make them a part of the sister party! Get into the kitchen and whip up their favourite meal and pamper them with wine and chocolates.

6. Shoppingggg!

Trust us, there’s nothing more fun than a sister-only shopping binge! They give each other the best and most honest fashion advice, and somehow sisters are great at spotting the right stuff for each other. A day strolling through the mall, trying on the latest trends, while taking mini coffee and cupcake breaks – so much fun!


7. I wanna go crazzyyy!

Hit a karaoke bar – the perfect place to sing the mushiest songs to each other 😛 Partying at a club? Set challenges for each other – like, who can get the most phone numbers by the end of the night, or high-five the most number of strangers.  

sister getting married

8. 1…2…cha, cha, cha

Trust me, my sister and I have two left feet but we still decided to give it a shot, just to have some fun. And it was! We spent one hour every day learning some new dance moves and laughing at each other throughout! PS: the ride back home was always a giggly, gossipy one discussing just how bad everyone (including us) was!

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