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Best Friends Games For Sleepover

10 Fun Best Friend Games To Play At The Next Sleepover!

We end up having the best time with our besties, especially on sleepovers when we get to spend an extended amount of time with each other. The Best friend games only make the experience more entertaining. Here are some entertaining games to play at a sleepover.

Fun Games To Play At A Sleepover

Fun Games For Sleepover

Sleepover with your best friend is the best. Here are 10 fun bff games to play at a sleepover with your besties. 

1. The Selfie Game

Set the self-timer of the digital camera and let the game begin. Each player has to hold the camera at arm’s length and point it at themselves very briefly (like a selfie), before passing it on. You have to keep going until eventually, the camera goes off with a flash of light, to your amusement. Check out the shot before starting again. You might get a few hilarious ones to share on social media. Taking a few shots of your fave drink along the way will make this game even better.


fun games to play at a sleepover

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2. Blind Makeover Game

For this, you’d need basic makeup items like eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, foundation, etc which should be placed in the center. The group has to sit in a circle and a girl has to blindfold herself and apply makeup to the person next to her and the chain continues. Once everyone is done receiving and applying makeup the blinds can be taken off for everyone to burst into laughter. This best friends game for girls sleepover is fun to try.

3. Spin Away

This is a slightly different version of spin the bottle. The bottle needs to be surrounded by seven plates – two have tasty items and the remaining five are slightly unpleasant. So spin the bottle, and whichever plate the bottle points at, you have to eat. Have fun, guys!


4. Dare Or Dare

This is truth and dare with a twist – the twist being there is no option of truth! Write down several dares in chits of papers like prank calling a friend, confessing a deep secret, stealing ice cream from the ice-cream vendor or kissing one of your girls! It will definitely raise the adrenaline in the room and get you excited!

bff games at sleepover

5. Heads Up

Thanks to Ellen Degeneres playing it on her show, this game has become extremely popular. And it is quite simple really – you pick a category, place your phone on your forehead, and ask your besties to just help you guess the word. But remember to not use it in a sentence. It is similar to taboo. Heads up is available on Apple and Android for download. If you don’t want to buy the app, playing dumb charades with friends is also a great alternative.

6. Boy Meets Girl

Sit in a circle and get a piece of paper each and all of you to write a boy’s name at the top. Fold it over so the name is hidden, and pass it to the person on your right. Everyone now writes a girl’s name on the paper. Then write the name of a place. Follow it up with a sentence that the boy says to the girl, preferably something naughty and flirty. And finally what the girl replies with. Each time you write something, remember to fold over the paper to hide what you have written, then pass it on. In the end, everyone gets to look at what their piece of paper says and reads it out to everyone! Depending on your responses, this game can be quite hilarious. Don’t forget to play this best friend game at your next sleepover.


7. Spin The Bottle – Nail Polish Edition

Get around 10 bottles of nail polish and arrange them in a circle. Choose someone to go first and ask them to spin the bottle. Whatever colour the bottle lands on, they have to paint a finger with it. Do this until everyone has painted all 10 fingers.

games for best friends

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8. Jenga With A Twist

The whole fun of playing Jenga is to wait for the tower to break. Whether you’re friends with Jenga pros or not, there’s no tequila that can’t make them fail! Every time someone makes the tower fall, you all collectively have a shot. And that’s the purpose… More the shots, more the number of times the tower falls, right? Try this game for sleepover.


9. Never Have I Ever

This is literally the best drinking game to make your besties spill their dirty little secrets. Never have I made out with someone on a first date – well, if you have, you take a sip of your poison and the game moves on!

10. Hide And Seek… With Gadgets

Turn out the lights and one of you hide with a mobile phone. In the pitch dark, everyone goes looking for this one person. Every so often she should call someone else and give clues as to where she is hiding. Continue the game until the group is able to find this one person. These are some of the fun games to play at a sleepover. 

best friend games

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