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Love Shopping At Zara? 10 Fun Facts About Your Fav Brand That You Had No Idea About

Love Shopping At Zara? 10 Fun Facts About Your Fav Brand That You Had No Idea About

When we enter the mall, the first store we all look out for is Zara. It’s been our favourite brand when it comes to finding the latest trends or when we just need a reason to shop impulsively! So we thought it’ll be fun to know a few facts about Zara that you had no idea about. Time to up your Zara IQ, ladies!

1. Zara was initially named Zorba

We wonder what that would have been like. Hmmm.

2. But it was changed because a local bar had the same name

A bar’s name is what it took for a brand SO big to change its name!

2 facts about zara


3. The company has a team of designers who work on constantly changing and editing designs based on customer feedback.

Phew! Finally there’s someone to hear us out.  

4. Spain is the only country in which ZARA is pronounced as ‘Tha-ra’.

El español es demasiado bueno para la escuela! (The Spanish are too cool for school!)

4 facts about zara

5. Zara doesn’t pair up with big designers

The company doesn’t believe in promoting any single name or talent. The brand name is most important and a bunch of designers work collectively towards it.


6. Kate Middleton LOVES Zara!

Even royals love the brand!

6 facts about zara

7. Zara can create and distribute new designs in just 1-2 weeks

WOW! That is a whole new level of being efficient!

8. The brand doesn’t believe in advertising too much

It’s believed that Zara doesn’t spend much on advertising and instead focusses on opening stores near high end retailers. 


8 facts about zara

9. Zara home was launched in 2003

So you can pretty up your home too!

10. Zara launches around 12,000 new designs in a year!

How we wish we owned each one of them. *sigh*

10 facts about zara


Image: Shutterstock, Giphy

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07 Jul 2017

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