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Fun Easter Games

10 Super Fun Easter Games To Have The Best Time With Your Family and Friends!

Some soft jazz to feed the soul, the smell of hot cross buns cascading through the kitchen, and chocolate eggs to be relished post-dinner. Sounds like Easter, right? From Easter day wishes to all the food preps if you have already started preparing for the day, let us help you make it a little better with some uber fun Easter game suggestions. Sounds like a plan, right? Here is a list of fun Easter games that you will find really interesting:

Fun Easter Games For Adults

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All set to create some epic family memories this year? Here are some games for Easter that you should try:

Push That Egg


Planning to indulge in some fun Easter games with family? ‘Push The Egg’ has to be your pick. Think of this game as a race except that it is eggs that participate in the race. Confused? Here’s what you need to do:

-Keep eggs in a line (on the floor) in a way that they have been sufficiently distanced for each family member to be able to push them with their noses. 

-Draw a finishing line. 

-At the count of thee, start pushing eggs with your noses and the first one to reach the finishing line wins. 

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Egg Tower


Be warned, this Easter game idea is strictly for pros! Here’s what you’d have to do:

-Cut some toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls into equal pieces.

-Now keep these pieces in a basket along with some eggs. The players then have to start making a tower out of the two in a fashion that goes like roll–egg–roll–egg. 

-The one who manages to make the tallest tower wins. 

Catch With A Twist


Love to play catch with the fam? Well, here’s an upgraded version to amp up the fun. Just remember that this Easter game needs to be played outdoors. Here’ what you need to do:

-Take water balloons and fill them with water. 

-Divide the participants into teams and ask them to stand opposite each other. 

-The game is simple: they need to keep playing catch with the balloons until they pop. 

-The last team standing with their balloons all intact wins the game. 

Egg Bowling 


Egg bowling is a really fun Easter game for families, especially if you come from a competitive lot. Here’s what you need to do:

-Take a bunch of hard-boiled eggs (2-3 more than the total members who are going to play).

-Keep one egg aside and dye the rest of them in fun colours. 

-Kick start the game by rolling an egg in the centre of the room. 

-Now each member has to pick up a coloured egg and try rolling it as close to the white egg as possible. 

-The one who manages to get their coloured egg closest to the white one wins.

Egg Toss


This fun Easter game is perfect if you want to play in pairs. Here’s what you need to do:

-Make one starting line each for every couple participating in the game.

-They need to stand facing each other.

-Now hand over an egg and the pair needs to toss it to each other. With every toss, they need to step back and go a little further from each other until they reach the opposite ends of the starting line.

-They need to keep tossing until they are back to the position from which they started. 

-The pair who reaches the starting position first without breaking the egg wins. 



Fun Easter Games For Kids


Hosting a party for the little kiddies this year? Here are some fun Easter games for kids that’ll make your party an absolute hit!

Hop Bunnies 

Looking for ideas to play Easter games with kids? Hop Bunnies is a pretty good option. Here’s what you have to do. 

-Draw a starting line and finishing line. 

-Give a sack to every kid and they’d then have to put their feet inside the sack and hop their way towards the finish line. 

-The first one to reach the finish line wins. 

Treats On The Ropes 

This is one of those Easter game ideas that are always a sure-shot hit among the kids. Here’s what you need to do:

-Take some ropes or thick treads. Hang sweets on them and tie them from one end of the room to the other. 

-The kids would basically be required to eat as many treats as they can manage in 60 seconds. 

-The kid who eats the most treats wins!

Mix & Match

Throwing an Easter party for your little one and their friends? Here’s an Easter game with eggs that you might find particularly interesting. Here’s what needs to be done: 

-You’d have to start with colouring your eggs by dividing them into two halves. For instance: the top part can be pink and the bottom one can be blue. You can add a variety of colours in a similar pattern. 

-Now, draw similarly shaded eggs on sheets and the kids would have to match the egg they have received with its corresponding egg on the sheet.

Mix & Match 2.0 

This unique Easter game would surely be loved by every toddler in the house. Here’s how it’s played: 

-Give each kid a packet of jelly beans and all they need is to match similarly coloured ones and make pairs out of them. 

-The first kid to successfully match all the jelly beans wins. 

Pin The Tail

This is one of the most favoured traditional Easter games of all time. Here’s how it is played: 

-Get a ready-made cardboard bunny cutout or make one at home. 

-Make a cardboard tail for the bunny. 

-Blindfold all the contestants and one by one ask them to pin the tail in the right place. 

-Whoever puts the tail in the right place (or comes the closest to it) wins. 

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So fam, all set to have the best holiday with these fun Easter games this year?

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12 Mar 2021

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