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#POPxoWaliHoli: 9 Fun And Romantic Ways To Celebrate First Holi With Your Husband

#POPxoWaliHoli: 9 Fun And Romantic Ways To Celebrate First Holi With Your Husband

Just like the first Diwali and Karva Chauth after marriage, your first Holi with your husband is going to be a much-anticipated affair. There is more you can do on the festival of colours than hogging on homemade gujiyas and throwing water balloons at each other. If you want to make it both fun and romantic, here’s everything that you can do to make the day as memorable as you want it to be.

How To Celebrate First Holi After Marriage With Husband?

We know that first Holi after marriage is pretty special and full of romance. So, understanding your need for romantic ideas for Holi here’s how to play holi with husband in the most special way possible. Have a look! 

Start With A Mushy Morning

Since the day is going to be full of fun and some crazy shit, start your morning on a romantic note by wishing your partner Happy Holi. Apply a pinch of colour on his forehead or cheeks while he is still in bed. You can also surprise him by bringing him breakfast in bed—both of you can sit together, share breakfast, cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other to set the right tone for the day.

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Get Ready


For a change, ditch the white kurta or the old t-shirt and wear something new. After all, it is your first Holi as a married woman, so you deserve a little OTT display. When you look at the photos a few years down the line, we bet you won’t regret sacrificing that lovely dress.

Include Friends And Family

Well, you can’t spend the entire day being lovey-dovey. Holi is all about celebrating with the ones you love— so organise a get-together and invite both of your friends and family to come over. It is a great time to catch up with friends, chit-chat and unwind a little. A few colours also won’t hurt.

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Go On A Small Trip

If both of you are not a fan of colours, here’s a great alternative. Pack your bags and go on a romantic holiday with bae. From Udaipur’s royal holi to the larger-than-life celebrations at Mathura and Vrindavan, there’s something for everyone out there who want to spend the day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Indulge In An Act Of Kindness

Holi is the best time to make someone feel special. Not just your friends and family, but also people who are not as privileged as you. Your husband and you can plan a day out at an orphanage or an old age home and celebrate Holi with the kids or the elderly. You can also bring gifts for them. Trust us, there are fewer things in life as great as spreading happiness and counting your blessings.

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Dance, Dance, Dance



What’s Holi without some naach gaana? Take some time to create a Holi playlist and dance to the tunes with your husband. Thanks to Bollywood, we are overstocked with songs that can add some real dhamaal to the day. From the flirtatious Rang Barse to the new age number Balam Pichkari, choose songs that will add to the fun quotient of the day.

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Get Tipsy With Bhang Shots


Holi is also the best time to get a little tipsy with your better half. Ditch alcohol and try some holi special drink thandai this time with a decent amount of bhang. Just be careful that you don’t drink so much that you pass out. You definitely want to have fun with your hubby and not end up spending the rest of the day in bed, do you?


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Buy Holi Gifts For Your Husband

Is there something that he has been wanting to buy for long? Festivals are the perfect time to make your loved ones feel special. Once the festivities end and everyone is back home, take him by surprise by gifting him something he has been wish-listing for long!

Special Holi Surprise For Husband In The Bedroom


When the day ends, rather than retiring to your room and falling asleep, give him a romantic surprise. He might have been thinking about the same, but you initiating the sex can be a major turn on for him. And what’s sexier than a quick make-out session when you are all splashed with Holi colours from head to toe?!


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