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30 Relatable Memes To Share With Your Besties On Friendship Day!

30 Relatable Memes To Share With Your Besties On Friendship Day!



Best friends are those amazing people in our lives who we can be our true self with. They cry with you, they laugh with you and more often than not, they laugh at you. And that, my friend, is the deepest definition of love! One of the most common ways in which best friends show love to each other in this digital age is by sharing, tagging each other on memes and Friendship Day songs. Sometimes, the memes are so relatable that we can’t help but say, “That’s so us!”

Memes celebrate the relationship and the bond that we all have with our best friends. And that’s exactly what makes a friend different from a best friend. So, this friendship day, we want to thank our best friends for being there for us with this unique and significant way of sharing friendship memes. 

Books About Friendship

Best Friend Memes For Friendship Day


Here is a list of best friend memes that will surely brighten up your day! Share these friendship memes with your BFFs and make their day special. 

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Always waiting for the weekend to meet your bestie?

When all you want to do is wait for the wedding season to play dress-up with your best friend!

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When you and your bestie are single on Valentine’s Day

Cute Love Memes

When you give your bestie outfit suggestions

When you tell your bestie about your crush

When you and your bestie decide to be on a diet together! This bestie meme is definitely worth sharing

Sending a meme to a bestie who is on a diet will never get old

Late-night phone conversations with bestie included!

A good friend will appreciate your haircut but a best friend will send you this meme

Replace me with you

When your bestie is a big Taimur fan, you send her this to tell her that she’s one of them!

Only your best friend can understand the feeling!

Casual? What?

For your Green Tea obsessed bestie!

The big guns for the big day

You and your bestie on a mission

This has got to be the Friendship Day meme of the year!

Meanwhile you and your best friend on Wednesdays…

Plus you and your bestie <3

And if your best friend is a lockdown bride…

Sibling or bestie… Same thing!

Making post-COVID shopping plans with bestie

Group chat apps are a mood!

Do you agree or do you agree?

Admit it, you can’t share this with anyone but your best friend!

The new normal!

Because the drinks bring back all the memories…

How long has it been?

Admit it, you miss eating Golgappas with your best friends

And finally, one for the good times because she is the queen of your life!



The best thing about best friends is that you love them and that they will always be there for you no matter what. Only the ones who really love you are the ones who will stick with you. If your friendship is strong then there is nothing in the world that can keep you from your besties. This Friendship Day, tell your best friend(s) what they mean to you. Even if you can’t meet them, send them memes and lots of virtual kisses and hugs!

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06 Jul 2020

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