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Friendship Day 2022: Makeup Aesthetics You & Your BFFs Should Match With Your Fave Celebrity Girl Gang

Friendship Day 2022: Makeup Aesthetics You & Your BFFs Should Match With Your Fave Celebrity Girl Gang

Okay — while Friendship’s day isn’t about cramming your hands with bands anymore, it’s still about celebrating friendship. And while you’re probably planning a day-out with your gals, why not coordinate your makeup while you’re at it? There’s more. Why not coordinate your makeup based on the industry’s coolest girl gangs, and their makeup aesthetics? Yeah. We’re talking taking cues from these star-studded trios and squads. Ahead — the line-up.

Who Run The World? These Girl Gangs

Kendall, Hailey & Kylie


You might find the Jenners bantering over which one of them is closer to Hailey (a trio is never sans complications) but the three are as close as can be — enjoying all manner of events in each other’s company. Hailey’s skin is almost always scintillating — a testament to the power of genetics and Rhode. The 25-year-old model enjoys emulating a dewy-dumpling aesthetic her cheeks attesting to the miracle of blush, and her lips drenched in swirls of gloss. Kendall’s aesthetic is similar to Hailey’s — her thicker-than-ever brows almost always punctuated by a wash of pink coming into bloom on her cheeks before dripping down to the lips. But their minimalism doesn’t extend to Kylie — a proponent of bolder shades of red and brown on the lips and cheeks, sweeping cat-eye flicks; and hues of fiery-red and grinch-green sprawled out across the lids, the mother-of-two is adventurous in her approach to beauty. The trio’s aesthetics are tied together by their love for mascara — their lashes never deprived of volume-plumping formula. If you’re the Kylie of your group, much of the weightlifting has to be done by you — just saying, no pressure.

Kendall’s aesthetic:

Hailey’s aesthetic:

Kylie’s aesthetic:

Shanaya, Ananya, Suhana


Ananya’s interview on Koffee With Karan further cemented this trio as unbreakable. While Suhana’s love for a little play of kohl under the eyes is apparent, the actress is almost always modelling a shade of pink on the lips, and teasing her cheekbones with a whisper of highlighter. Ananya, while minimalistic for the most part, isn’t one to shy away from glitter-studded lids and blue under-eyes; and Shanaya is all about that soft, subtle glam too — enter flushed cheeks and glazed-donut skin. Honestly — this trio is always in sync, so you might want to coordinate with your gals before heading out for the day.

Suhana’s aesthetic:

Ananya’s aesthetic:

Shanaya’s aesthetic:

Taylor, Selena, & Gigi


Who’s calling dibs on Taylor’s cherry-red lips? Because that’s been her look for years, and it never goes Out Of Style. If you’re your group’s Taylor, choose the brightest hue of red, and smear it all over your lips and cheeks with wild abandon. Maybe conclude with a streak of jet-black eyeliner on the lids — and you’re done. Selena oscillates between the clean-girl aesthetic and dramatic — she’s not opposed to hues of brown and purple migrating to her lips and lids. But lighter shades of pink qualify too depending on the Rare Beauty maven’s mood. You can pull a Selena any way you like — as long as you’re wearing blush. And, clearly, Gigi is quite the Euphoria girl. Remember when she embellished her cat-eye flicks with clusters of rhinestones? That’s Gigi for you.

Taylor’s aesthetic:

Selena’s aesthetic:

Gigi’s aesthetic:

Alia, Akansha, & Anushka


Man — imagine planning an all-girls trip to Maldives, and actually seeing it through to the end. This trio can relate. Alia, Akansha, and Anushka are joined at the hip, and their aesthetics compliment each other effortlessly. The Bollywood mother-to-be is the minimalist — much like Hailey Bieber, she’s all about flushes of pink coming into their own on her skin (when she’s wearing makeup). Akansha’s skin is always gleaming and radiant, and Anushka isn’t afraid of a play of purple on the lids.

Alia’s aesthetic:

Akansha’s aesthetic:

Anushka’s aesthetic

Kareena, Malaika, & Amrita

Remember how Karan likened Kareena’s girls to SATC on Koffee With Karan? “We don’t try anything. We just are,” Bebo retorted. And nothing resonated more with us than that — because just how iconic is this group? If this is your squad, here’s what you need to do. To emulate Kareena’s go-to aesthetic, go monochrome. Drench your lips and eyes in shades of brown, and conclude with a wash of pink on the cheeks. Malaika is all about high-shine looks. Highlighter and shimmer-laden lids are indispensable elements in her look. Karisma (where’s Lolo, though?) and Amrita are passionate advocates for cherry-red lips and filled-in brows; with the latter weaving in a streak of eyeliner to glamourise her look further.

Kareena’s aesthetic:

Malaika’s aesthetic:

Karisma & Amrita’s aesthetic:

Which gal gang do you belong to?

Featured Image: Instagram

05 Aug 2022

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