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Friendship Day Gifts To Give Your Pals Kyunki Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”- Hubert H. Humphery

Friendship is a kind of bond that we cherish forever. We remember the laughter we shared sitting on the backbenches of the classroom and the silences we shared sitting together and reading our own books. We also remember the heartbreaks and heartaches that we went through and emerged stronger only because we were together. I honestly believe that life can be lived without romantic love if only we have a few good friends by our side. And to cherish and celebrate this day of unbreakable love, it’s time that you do something more than just sharing Friendship Day messages. So we decided to list out a few options of Friendship Day gifts you can give your nearest and dearest.

Friendship Day Gift Ideas For Her

friendship day gift ideas

Friendship Day Gift Ideas – Giphy

Buying gifts for your girl gang can be a lot of fun. You know what they like, if they’re into makeup or clothes or music or sports – you know and love them for their hobbies and interests. So scream happy friendship day to them and consider these friendship day gift ideas for friends. While you can always go for some DIY Friendship Day gifts, we say do it differently this year and buy them special customised gifts especially to go with their personality and celebrate your bond. Also, if not for everyone, your best friend sure deserves something extra special after all, she’s dealt with you and your drama for so many years.

If your friend is into gardening or likes to decorate her room with plants then a terrarium is the perfect gift. It’s pretty and doesn’t need too much watering or care. She can hang this one on a wall or on a balcony outside the house and it’ll add a touch of rustic beauty to it. It’s probably one of the most sustainable friendship day gifts on the list.

One of the most on-trend accessories that every girl needs is an eye-catching waist bag. It’s small and compact to be carried around without feeling heavy yet big enough to fit all the basics like a wallet, phone, and keys. She can carry it for a night out and dress it up or even carry it for a day event casually. So if you feel like she needs to change her basic black bag, this printed waist one is a great idea.


A girl can never have too many bikini tops and that’s a fact. Basic black and white bottoms can be repeated and the tops can be changed. This super cute, pink one is perfect for a girl who is looking to go for a vacay. She will love this if she’s someone who is a water baby or just generally loves to laze by the ocean.

Friendship Day Games and Activities

The best friendship day gift for her? This has to be it. A book is one of the best gifts to give someone and a personal favourite. This one ‘Why Not Me?’ by Mindy Kaling is her second book and we all know what a feminist icon she is on top of being extremely funny. It’s a light read so even if your friend has difficulty concentrating on books, this one will be easier to grasp.

What says love better than a bouquet of roses? This designer one is so chic and luxe that anyone will be completely floored by them. Pink and red, they symbolise the romance and adoration in a friendship and that’s what we all strive to achieve. Gift these friendship day gifts to the friend who loves flowers and she’ll be completely mesmerised.


This sushi phone cover is perfect for that friend who loves Japanese cuisine a bit too much. You know that friend who when asked to choose a restaurant always pikes up and says “ASAIN”. She or he needs this cover for sure. It’s light blue and super cute and goes with a foodie personality completely.

Happy Friendship Day Caption

If your friend is a travel junkie, he or she will love this chai and hills notebook to pen down her/ his thoughts. Making them journal their travels is one of the best things you can push them to do because it will stay with them forever. Also, the green mountains with a cup of chai is everyone’s fave so why the hell not?

This is the best friendship day gift to give your entire girl squad if you’re going on a trip soon. All of you with matching luggage tags is the cutest friendship day gift you can give. So if it’s a bachelorette or just a getaway to Goa that you’ve all been looking forward to, this is the perfect thing to give someone.

If your BFF wants to dabble in love again, then surprise her with an entire book dedicated solely to love rituals and incantations which will serve as your complete guide to Attracting Passion, Love, and Romance in your life.

If your BFF is looking for a sexy date-night ensemble, then this could be her best pick. It’s a very stylish and sexy dress which will work effortlessly on her dinner dates, you know, whenever those can happen again.

A cheese lover will love this beautifully-black marble cheese board. After all, just eating cheese is awesome enough in itself, but eating cheese on a pretty, elegant cheese board feels nothing short of a fancy party. You can it in your list of friendship day gifts for best friend.

Is your BFF a jewellery hoarder? Is she always struggling to organize her accessories? If yes, then this pinky-cute travel jewellery box comes in the shape of a convenient cube that she can efficiently use for years to come.

Trust us, evil has never looked so good! Give the gift of a great night’s sleep to your BFF with POPxo’s printed eye masks.

This will majorly appeal to your BFF who is an oenophile! It is a full-proof friendship day gift idea for her so she can display her wines and spirits on any tabletop.

If your BFF is the type to always have a hair tie on her arm, then gift her a pack colourful scrunchies which will provide her with plenty of back-ups.

Friendship Day Gift Ideas For Him

friendship day gifts for best friend

Friendship Day Gifts for Best Friend – Giphy

Ladies, you know it’s true that buying friendship day gifts for your guy friends is way tougher than picking something up for your girl squad. So to help the process we thought we’d give you a few options of what you can get him for friendship day kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai. Btw, these options can also double as Friendship Day gifts for boyfriend

It’s 2019 and everything is going wireless now. While most of us can’t afford or don’t want to spend on Apple Airpods, these wireless headphones from JBL are probably more economical. The bright blue colour makes them stand out and will definitely increase your friend’s cool quotient. They’re swanky and affordable, let’s add to cart right away.

Most guys go very basic with their outfits. They choose simple prints or even those plain shirts, hardly anyone actually tries to have fun with their clothes. But those who do, stand out and how. This navy blue one with a fun print of cocktails is perfect for the summer and is apt for a pool party. So gift this to one of the guys in your gang who you think can carry it off effortlessly. Trust us, this is the safest friendship day gift for him. 

If your boy gang refuses to budge and likes to play FIFA all day every day, then gifting one of them the latest version of the game would make a lot of sense. This is the 2019 version of the beloved game and we’re sure your mates would appreciate you for it. After all, friendship’s day is all about celebrating the love and camaraderie everyone shares together. This could be one of the best friendship day gifts for him.

If he’s your best friend, he deserves the very best. All that love and affection he’s showered over you all these years makes him one special person. Pamper your boy bestie with this set from Mercedez-Benz which includes a set of four miniature perfumes which will make him smell like every girl’s dream. It’s the classic Coolwater scent with notes of mint, lavender, coriander and rosemary. The gift set has got a perfume for every mood, be it a powerful personality, timeless elegance and a bold, understated attitude of self-assured character, these scents are sure to make the start of the evening.

Is your friend a superb chef and can make the yummiest chorizo sandwich? Well then, he needs an apron to shout it loud and proud for the world. This super cool and swanky apron is ideal gift for friendship day if he likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and you can add a special, personalised message on it too.

Fun socks are so on-trend and they look super quirky and cool, these socks will make people stop and stare at your friend. Gift this pair of Spiderman socks to your superhero-loving friend and he/she will adore you for it. Because we all need a little bit of joy hidden somewhere inside of us. 

Can something spell out style more than this cap? The answer is no it can’t! Be it a him or her, this needs to be given to the don of the group. He/she can wear it and throw around all that shade on everyone in the crew and everyone will have to listen to them. What a way to show off that swagalicious personality, right?!

If your guy bestie is an outdoor adventurer type, then this is the perfect friendship day gift for him. It’s a durable hammock which he can hook to any tree and take on his hiking adventures. In fact, the two of you can cozy up in this together on a bright sunny day.

An enchanting marvel, this fanciest decanter will not only store his choicest liquors, but will also help him live his best Mad Men–inspired life. This is best friendship day gifts idea for your best friend.

If he keeps loosing his keys, then it’s time that you gift him a leather-bound keychain. You can also opt to get it engraved with a personal message from a nearby vendor. It is a great way to remind him how much you care. 

Who says NO to a power nap, especially when it is accompanied by this designer ‘Going Places’ flight pillow which is apt for your guy bestie who is a regular flyer and misses no chance to take a nap in long flights. 

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If your BFF is the kind who’ll pick a cocktail over a cold one, then this 12 piece bar toolset will make his day. Great for both the beginning mixologist and the seasoned professional, this one comes with ice tongs and strainer, muddler, jigger and bottle opener as well as a rack to store them all together.

Now some things on this list may be out of a little too expensive but we have some budgeted alternatives too. Spend according to what your pocket allows and you will surely be able to find something that your BFF will love and don’t forget to jam on Friendship day songs with your bestie!!

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Hope, these friendship day gift ideas will help you decide perfect gift for your best friend.


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